Our virtual recruitment assistants handle hiring, termination and compliance and help you to find and retain top talent.


Why hire virtual recruitment assistant?

Whether you are a business, professional or executive, recruitment is a big concern. Managing time-intensive human resource administration goes beyond selection and includes hiring, termination as well as compliance. For specialized talent management and professional help, trust our committed virtual recruitment assistants. They get the job done, whether it involves screening applicants, checking resumes, filtering the CV and candidates and researching potential leads and job vacancies. Get help when you need it the most with our specialized virtual recruitment assistants.

What can our virtual recruitment assistant do?

Job Posting

Updating roles, job descriptions, testing and selecting candidates, making offers, framing employment agreements post recruitment, our virtual recruitment assistants do it all.

Arranging Interviews and Appointments

Selection and recruitment go beyond hiring processes. Virtual recruitment assistants help in arranging interviews and appointments for follow-ups, essential to hiring the best fit for the job.


Business hires should feel motivated, valued and preferred post the recruitment. For this, onboarding is critical. Get the best support and templates for onboarding and facilitating employee orientation, as our virtual recruitment assistants are skilled at preparing employees to perform their best.


If you need to prepare an employee handbook or manual, or you want the best training programs for your new hires or existing employees, we can get it done. Trust us for training templates and assistance at every stage of preparing programs and materials to implement and executing them.

Payroll Management

Welcome to the new age of human resource specialists. Our skilled virtual recruitment assistants can make it easy to handle HR filing systems and dispense salaries with accuracy, precision and timeliness. Manage and implement payroll and time to track software with our help.

Handling Employee Rewards and Health Benefits

Benefits and compensation programs are central to productivity among employees. Receive support for formulating employee development programs, rewards, health and benefits packages, setting these up and administration of these, with our virtual recruitment assistants managing your business.

Overseeing Compliance Processes

Employee documentation, insurance and legal issues are pressing concerns while managing workforce. With our virtual recruitment assistant to handle all your concerns, you can play by the rules.

Termination Documentation

From arranging for exit interviews to termination documentation, and managing employee relations post the cessation of employment, our virtual recruitment assistants offer your human resource department the support it needs.

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