Virtual SEO Assistant

"The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search" and you sure don’t want your content to be there. Our SEO Virtual Assistants will help you rank high on Google search engines and lead relevant visitors to your website.

Why Hire a SEO Virtual Assistant?

Not sure how to create keyword-rich SEO content? Get Google to work for your brand with Wishup’s skilled SEO Virtual Assistants. No longer do you have to shell out on high monthly retainers to an SEO company. Our VAs are proficient in SEO writing and SEO marketing services and know just how to improve your search engine rankings. Here at Wishup, our SEO consultants can take care of all your Search Engine Optimization needs by means of analyzing key metrics such as bounce rate, page views, outbound and backlinks, etc. Whether it is is on-page SEO or off-page support you’re looking for, our skilled SEO specialists know just how to get your content on top.

What can our SEO Virtual Assistants do?

Choose our virtual assistants for support in the following areas –

  • Keyword Research: Our SEO specialists will search for high-demand, low-competition keywords that will allow prospects to easily find your products and services
  • Industry Research: Our SEO experts always go the extra mile. They will conduct research on trending topics, customer issues, most commonly used words and phrases, etc. and offer excellent keyword research support
  • Competitor Research: Leaving no stone unturned, our SEO digital marketing experts will research about the keywords your competitors are using and make sure that you’re always ahead of them
  • Local SEO services: Our SEO optimization does not merely extend to traditional organic SEO. We also offer local Search Engine Optimization that seeks to cater to location-specific target groups
  • Backlink Building: Our SEO specialists will create backlinks to valuable websites to improve link authority and link diversity. This will in turn improve your website’s Google Page ranking

How can a SEO Virtual Assistant benefit you?

  • Rule search engine rankings: Don’t be just another content creator. Stand out from the crowd and rank high on Google’s first page
  • Save money: Don’t spend hefty amounts on engaging a local SEO company. Allow our SEO specialists to cater to local SEO needs at an affordable monthly price
  • Do more with your time: Save your time by engaging an SEO virtual assistant. Wishup’s VAs are trained in various SEO functions, saving you from the trouble of training or supervision

Apart from SEO, your online marketing efforts also need a well-defined social media strategy. Hire a social media manager at Wishup and improve your brand's engagement with customers. Wishup's social media virtual assistants create content, update your social media handles, and regularly engage with your customer community. Expand your brand's reach with skilled SEO assistants and social media managers at Wishup.

If you're looking for trained ecommerce assistants for operational and digital marketing support, look no further Wishup. Our VAs are skilled in writing product descriptions, uploading striking product images, keeping your website free of any glitches, and on-page SEO activities. Find the complete virtual assistance package at Wishup and help your brand reign over search engines.

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