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Insights on topics related to Start-ups and Small Businesses

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Maximizing ROI on software testing
Software testing is expensive, accounting for up to 40% of software development projects, which is why it makes immense sense for business owners to maximize the Return on Investment (ROI) from software testing.
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How can small businesses optimize cash flow?
 Managing its cash flow is critical for every company to survive in these turbulent times. For many, it is the key to success and survival, given that over 61% of small businesses struggle with managing their cash flow. 
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Remote work culture: What's in it for small businesses
 Due to its cost-effectiveness, remote work has a unique appeal for start-ups and small businesses. Working remotely also helps employees to be more productive and maintain a good work-life balance. 
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Why start-ups and small businesses need virtual assistants?
As startups and businesses try to regain lost ground, they are increasingly looking at innovative solutions to reduce costs and be more competitive in the marketplace. Hiring Virtual Assistants can be the out-of-the-box solution they need. 
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What's the best software testing automation approach?
When creating a highly satisfying user experience, nothing matters more than instant page loads, lag-less downloads, a wealth of helpful features, and impressive visuals that make their customer experience (CX) enjoyable.
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10 Small business trends to lookout for this year
 New business trends are emerging as things begin to feel more normal again. By understanding these trends, small businesses can regain their foothold in the economy, grow faster and be more competitive in the marketplace.
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