Why Wishup

Find skilled talent to grow your business

Find the right Virtual Assistant

You don’t need to sift through thousands of applications to find the most suitable employee for a particular task or project. We do that for you, bringing only the best to the table.
Assistants with 5+ Years of experience
Thorough vetting process - only 2-3% of all applicants are selected
Highly qualified professionals, with diverse skill-sets
Virtual Personal Assistant
Virtual Personal Assistant

Trained Virtual Assistants ready to go

Your VA is hand-picked, rigorously trained, and is ready to work for your business.
1 month of rigorous in-house training
Training on 50+ business and executive tasks
All Virtual Assistants professionally managed by Wishup

Not doing it for you? We’ve got a solution

If you feel your present VA is a bad fit for your needs, feel free to contact our support team. We’ll ensure a smooth transition to a different VA.
Hassle-free replacement
Account Manager for troubleshooting
The right VA is just an email away
Hire virtual assistant
Tailor made plans to suit every workload.
Starting at $9.49/hour
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