Every business owner knows that the customer is really the king.

Keeping your customers happy can put your business on the path of growth. Customers today demand quality products, speedy after-sales service, and an overwhelmingly positive experience for each transaction.

They expect a business to be ready to answer their questions and solve their problems. They also require a business to be on standby 24*7 to handle salesforce customer feedback and reviews. No business can risk overlooking these aspects if it wants to remain ahead of their competitors.

However, maintaining an entire customer support team in the house can divert too many resources from core business areas. Moreover, a small enterprise or entrepreneur can hardly afford such a team.

In such a scenario, adding a virtual customer support assistant to your team can enhance productivity and give your business the support it needs.

In this blog, we will walk you through the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant for customer support. But first, let's explore what their role entails.

Who is a Virtual Customer Support Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant for customer service responding to customers with a laptop and mobile phone

A virtual customer support assistant responds to customer inquiries and concerns for your business. Furthermore, they ensure that all customer questions and complaints are dealt with promptly. When you hire a virtual customer support assistant to provide call answering services, you can rely on them to handle the workload, freeing up much time for other significant tasks and operations.

What can a Virtual Customer Support Assistant do for my business?

These assistants help businesses with everything, from technical issues to customer service inquiries. In addition, they can handle administrative tasks such as answering service for small business and placing calls, sending emails, and responding to customer chat messages.

Here is a list of functions you can delegate to a virtual customer support assistant:

  • Handling initial inquiries about a product/service
  • Telephone answering service
  • Managing client transactions, profiles, and accounts
  • Shopping cart management – helpdesk calls, live chat support, and dispatch calls
  • Maintaining the CRM database
  • Processing orders placed offline or online
  • Generating invoices
  • Processing payments
  • Keeping track of comments, suggestions, likes and dislikes, testimonials, and reviews from customers
  • Refunds processing  

Benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant for Customer Service

We know the irritation and teeth-grinding frustration of contacting customer support but not receiving responses.

Would you ever recommend such a business?

In a world of endless options, all it takes is a single lackluster support experience to have a customer re-evaluating their choices.

On the other hand, a few glowing customer reviews can take your business up to dizzying heights. An intelligent way to offer a fantastic customer support service is to hire a virtual customer support assistant. Here are the benefits which await you.

Save Money

1. Reduce operational costs

This is perhaps the primary reason to hire a virtual customer support assistant for your business.

As a small business, you're looking to cut costs wherever you can. By hiring a VA instead of a full-time employee, you no longer have to spend a fixed sum on their monthly salary or rent office space. This can reduce your costs when you build a virtual team of customer support staff that works remotely.

2. Save money on training

A virtual assistant is a trained professional who knows how to make customer interactions smooth and personalized. This means that when you get your VA onboard, you don't have to invest the time and resources to train them.

Wishup has a rigorous training program to offer you the best VAs. The company trains its VAs in over 200 skills and has continuous upskilling opportunities to offer you upgraded services.

3. No office expenses

Because your virtual customer support assistant works for your business remotely, you don't need to invest in a physical office space. Nor do you need to spend money on office supplies and expensive team lunches. Hire a virtual customer support assistant and start saving money today.

4. Save on employee welfare

Hiring a new employee implies an added cost of salary, medical benefits, and leave benefits. You can save yourself some serious money by hiring a VA. Invest these savings into your business and grow it by hiring a virtual customer support assistant.

Keep Customers Happy

Percentages of customers about engagement experiences

5. The personal touch

Technology and automation may have simplified processes, but customers prefer dealing with a human rather than a robot. Your virtual assistant can interact with customers on a personal level while using technology like a product quiz for assistance.

6. Flexible schedules

Your customer support VA will be ready to assist your customers even in odd shifts. You can set their shift timings to the hours when you are unavailable.

Because of different time zones, they will be available even while you sleep. This prompt service can go a long way in increasing goodwill and building your business' credibility.

7. Customer satisfaction skyrockets

With an expert who knows how to handle queries and complaints smoothly, your customers will come away from every interaction feeling valued. In addition, a virtual customer support assistant can deal with peak call volumes, prioritize time depending on the severity of the customer's issue and radically reduce response times. All this translates to good PR for your business.

8. Impress prospective customers

Even in this day and age, customers still value word-of-mouth referrals. Every current customer you have has the potential to create dozens, if not hundreds, of new customers for you. For this reason, hiring a virtual customer support assistant is a smart way to impress prospective customers with the quality of support they receive.

9. Customer loyalty

A worthwhile customer support assistant can bring you free publicity through word-of-mouth referrals, rave reviews, and online recommendations. When your customers are happy with the support they receive, they are more likely to reward your business with loyalty.

10. Bilingual support

Depending on the country your VA comes from, they can interact with customers in at least two languages. So if your market belongs to a different geography or if you have plans for international expansion, hiring a virtual assistant is a smart move for keeping your customers happy.

At Wishup, you have the option to choose from offshore (Indian) and US-based VAs depending on your customer service needs.

11. Extend business hours

You essentially extend your business hours when you hire a virtual customer support assistant from a different time zone. Such a VA can field customer queries even while you're asleep. In this way, you can extend your hours of operations well beyond what is conventional without the added expense of hiring multiple people.

Improve Brand Image

12. Branding

Prompt and efficient customer service can do wonders for your brand image. Which business would say no to that? So hire a virtual customer support assistant to leave customers with a lasting, professional impression of how you do business.

13. Consistency

A virtual customer support assistant is a treasure for smooth, seamless, and consistently high-rated service. This will act as a magnet to draw new customers and retain existing ones. So choose a virtual customer support assistant to deliver a consistent experience.

14. Multi-channel support

Today, customers can contact you through multiple channels – telephone, email, WhatsApp, or any customer support app like Talkdesk. If there is a communication method, you must have a ready presence on the medium. So why take on the hassle yourself? Instead, hire a virtual customer support assistant to offer support across multiple channels.

15. Run a sophisticated enterprise

In the e-commerce era, you likely have customers on a global scale. When they contact customer support, it is heartening for them and effective for you if they interact with someone from their own country. The solution is to hire country-specific virtual customer support assistants. It minimizes the risk of communication being lost in translation.

Experience Productivity Gains

A virtual assistant for customer service working round-the-clock to help you enhance business productivity

16. Delegate routine customer support tasks

As an entrepreneur, you are used to donning many hats daily. However, customer support is one area where you can safely hire a virtual customer support assistant. Your VA doesn't need much handholding, and you will be able to increase productivity in areas that matter to business growth.

17. Increase efficiency

Your virtual customer support assistant is highly trained, and you can safely outsource most repetitive, mundane tasks to them. But on the other hand, you can focus on analyzing the data collected through this function to build more robust customer profiles and extract rich insights for growing your business.

18. Focus on core responsibilities

Customer support is an ancillary activity supporting your business's core functions. When you hire a virtual assistant, you can concentrate on core areas that directly impact productivity, competitiveness, and growth.  

19. Decrease employee workload

Because customer satisfaction is a part of your business' fabric, you expect your employees to go above and beyond. They may even find themselves taking on tasks not meant for them. A VA can free your team's time so they can focus on their job and more complex work. In addition, if your customer service team has been overworked lately, you can safely hire a virtual customer assistant to share the workload.

20. Reduce pressure

Granted, one or two people on your core team may be responsible for customer support functions. However, there should be a match between how much needs to be done and how much they can cover. To be more productive, outsource routine matters to a virtual assistant and realize productivity gains.

21. Enhanced competitiveness

Competitiveness in business is sustained not only by innovating but also creating value chains that are difficult to replicate quickly. Customer support is one such value-laden area that, once developed, can give an edge over competitors. Hire a virtual customer service assistant to achieve this objective.

Scale With Ease

22. Cover fluctuations

Many small businesses struggle when faced with a sudden, temporary increase in customer demands. Since they have in place an infrastructure that can cope with limited customer volumes, many end up losing business. A virtual customer service assistant is experienced in handling such fluctuations and ensures that customer retention rates remain high.

23. Reduce employee turnover

Losing an employee you have spent resources to train can be a loss and has particularly severe consequences for a small business. Employees may quit for a variety of reasons. Since the virtual customer support assistant works in a comfortable environment and doesn't have to spend hours on the daily commute, the risk of frustrated employees showing up at work is negligible. When employees are happier, the likelihood of them looking elsewhere goes down.

24. Allocate workforce elsewhere

All small business owners have experienced emergencies where they may have to allocate personnel from one area to another temporarily. However, customer support is a function that has to be up and running at full capacity at all times. By hiring a virtual customer service assistant, you can ensure that you are constantly available when your customers reach out.

25. Greater flexibility

Scaling your customer support team is much easier with a remote team that works independently. In addition, because hiring and onboarding are faster and much more flexible, you can quickly expand your team for the short or the long haul.

Trained Professionals

26. In-depth knowledge

Your virtual customer support assistant knows the breadth and depth of their field. They can handle practically all the ancillary and primary customer support activities. Hire a virtual customer service assistant to give your business a real boost.

27. Expert data collection

In handling customer support, your virtual office assistant will have a prime opportunity to create substantial data banks and customer profiles. They can also conduct basic data analysis and identify patterns in customer behavior.

28. Bigger talent pool

Sometimes, finding the right talent for your support team may be tricky, mainly if you're limited to your local pool. By expanding your search online, you can get in touch with many qualified professionals, giving you many more choices for building a trained support team.

29. Work-life balance

As a small business owner, you have so much on your hands that you need to take regular breaks to maintain your sanity. On top of everything, supervising a mundane activity such as customer support can be too much. Hire a virtual customer support assistant instead. Neither do you need to train them or supervise their work. They are adept at working remotely and managing your customer support operations smoothly.

30. Quicker hiring

The traditional recruitment process can run up to several weeks, a drain on your most precious resource, i.e., time. So say goodbye to months of long-drawn-out hiring and choose a qualified virtual assistant instead. Then, you must sign up on a trusted platform like Wishup and fill your position in just under a few hours.

Choose Wishup for the best-in-class Customer Support Virtual Assistants

Hiring your virtual assistants from Wishup offers immense benefits. Listed below are the most significant ones:

Onboarding in under a day

The entire process—from the initial consultation to onboarding your virtual office assistant—is guaranteed to take no more than 24 hours, thanks to Wishup.

Work with the top 1%

Wishup chooses only the top 1% of applicants. The chosen virtual assistants are trained in more than 200 skill sets to help them become more proficient and meet client expectations.

Thoroughly vetted and screened professionals

In addition to stringent screening procedures, Wishup's virtual assistants have undergone extensive background checks and other verifications.

Furthermore, because they have already been interviewed and vetted, you won't have to spend as much time on time-consuming onboarding processes.

Zero costs for hiring

Wishup eliminates the need for additional hiring costs and the time required to research staffing firms. Instead, Wishup brings together virtual assistants, bookkeepers, software testers, and developers for your convenience.

7-day trial with a money-back guarantee

You can try Wishup virtual assistants for a week to see if they're a good fit for you and your business. If you are dissatisfied with the services, you can request a replacement.

Learn more about the 7-day trial and how to make the most of it in this blog: Free Virtual Assistant 7-Day Trial – How To Make The Most Of Your Wishup Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual office assistant from Wishup is seamless

The hiring process is straightforward with Wishup. Moreover, it's also simple to upscale or downscale your team as and when needed because you can hire our virtual customer support assistants for as little as a few months or even weeks.

Hire a virtual assistant in three simple steps:

  • First, you need to set up a free consultation with the Wishup experts.
  • Second, share your business requirements and objectives with our team.
  • Third, wait for our experts to match you with the profile best suited to your business requirements.

In just 24 hours, you can begin working with one of our virtual assistants.

Onboard a customer support virtual assistant today with Wishup!

For a business in its early stages, hiring a virtual office assistant or a virtual receptionist service is the right way to offer customers a stellar experience each time.


Wondering how to hire a virtual customer support assistant? Allow Wishup to walk you through the process. Sign up for a free consultation or send us an email at [email protected].

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