Why does an entrepreneur want to move to Venus?

Because more hours to the day!

Relativity jokes aside, any entrepreneur will tell you 24 hours in a day are just not enough.

From accounting to marketing to customer service, you do it all in the early days. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In the battlefield of business, your marketing department is the chief strategist. To generate a consistent revenue stream and win your customers’ hearts, you need to constantly develop new strategies and keep a finger on your market’s pulse. So when it comes to marketing your business, take all the help you need. Hire a virtual assistant to support your (and your team’s) efforts in marketing. Get a virtual assistant on board to work smarter, not harder.


What can a Virtual Assistant do for me in Marketing?

A virtual assistant with experience in marketing is a trained professional that offers clerical and project management support to your marketing department remotely. Some tasks you can delegate to your virtual marketing assistant are:

  • Social media management
  • Target audience research
  • Competitor research
  • Calling prospective leads
  • Follow up calls
  • CRM database management
  • Conducting customer surveys
  • Running AdWords campaigns
  • Conducting keyword research
  • Running email marketing campaigns
  • Blog management
  • Responding to customer queries on social media
  • Preparing marketing reports
  • Handling basic SEO

So how exactly can hiring a virtual marketing assistant benefit your business? Read on to find out.

Boost Productivity

1. Increased efficiency

When you don’t get caught up in day-to-day marketing activities, you get more time to focus your attention on areas that need it the most. This means that you can spend more time devising business strategies, focusing on growth, connecting with clients, etc. Hire a virtual marketing assistant to experience higher efficiency, each day.

2. Focus on core business

When you have your virtual assistant taking care of daily marketing tasks, you finally have the time to focus on areas that directly impact revenue. Hire a virtual assistant and you can channel your energy into growing your business and focusing on areas of your expertise. Without this focus, it’s impossible to scale your business and take it forward.

3. 24*7 support

When you hire a virtual assistant from a different time zone, you get 24*7 expertise at your disposal. Your on-demand virtual assistant doesn’t need official holidays or vacation leaves. Once you have 24*7 support for your business, you can experience productivity gains at work.

4. Improve quality of life

Entrepreneurship comes with its fair share of challenges, chief among them a ‘busy’ life. And when you don’t have expert virtual assistant support, you spend each day fretting over every small detail. Don’t let your venture wreak havoc on your mental health. Hire a virtual marketing assistant to take care of recurring marketing tasks and let go of some of that stress. With improved mental well-being comes improved productivity in your professional life. Go out, have some fun, and come back to your business feeling rejuvenated.

Save Company Resources

5. Save time

Hiring a virtual marketing assistant saves you a whole lot of time. They don’t need to be trained and once they’re on board, you’re free from performing routine marketing activities. Just brief them on what you expect and they will immediately get started.

6. No idle gossip

Employees indulging in office politics and gossip wastes your company’s time. What’s more, it often leads to a dip in efficiency and hampers growth. When you hire a virtual marketing assistant, you effectively bypass this risk. Because your virtual assistant works from home, there is no scope for idle gossip and wasting time at work.

7. Affordable services

Hiring a virtual marketing assistant does not need you to pay a fixed salary. Because you only pay by the hour, you get exceptional services of a qualified professional at a supremely affordable price.

8. Pay per use

Unlike a full-time employee, a virtual marketing assistant gets paid for the hours they put in. So when you hire a virtual marketing assistant, you don’t need to shell additional money on benefits and leaves. Hire a virtual marketing assistant and reduce your business’ costs.

9. No office expenses

Your virtual marketing assistant does not require a physical office space since they work remotely. This means you get to save so much on furniture and office supplies costs!

10. Stay on budget

One of the best things about hiring a virtual marketing assistant is that there is one for every budget. Available in different subscription plans, virtual assistant services are tailored to meet different needs. Get a VA on board to spend not a penny more than your budget!

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Grow Your Business

11. Specialist assistance

To grow your business, you will have to forgo certain non-essential tasks and delegate them to your virtual marketing assistant. Your virtual assistant will handle all such areas that don’t need your attention but are important to the business. Given that your virtual assistant is a trained professional with years of experience, your business enjoys specialist assistance.

12. Fresh perspective

A trained professional such as a virtual marketing assistant will also have a lot to offer in terms of insights on growing your brand’s presence on different channels. Drawing from their experience, they can offer a fresh perspective on your strategies and plans. Your virtual marketing assistant will also track the latest developments in the field and offer new ideas to the marketing team.

13. Increase business hours

You can only give so much time to your business (i.e., only when you are awake). But when you hire a virtual marketing assistant, you can expect them to manage your marketing operations even during the company’s off hours. This way, you do not go even a single hour not working towards the vision you have for your company.

14. Build a marketing team

Marketing your business will need work in several areas - SMO, PPC campaigns, SEO, email records, social networking efforts, web-designing, graphic designing, to name a few. Hiring several full-time employees may not be exactly affordable for a small business, neither can a single virtual assistant handle all these tasks with finesse. So hire not just one, but multiple virtual marketing assistants and build a team that works for you remotely, at a fraction of the cost of hiring full time.

15. Greater flexibility

When your company is in its early days, the setup is largely unstructured. Which is why flexibility is important to quickly adapt and thrive. Unlike a full-time employee, your virtual marketing assistant doesn’t need a fixed monthly pay nor are they as difficult to replace. If you don’t like their work, replacement is easy. Give your business the flexibility it needs to grow with a virtual assistant.

16. Scale with ease

Scaling your business is both a goal and a challenge. A key benefit of hiring a virtual marketing assistant is the ability to scale according to increasing demand without losing sleep. With a firm grip on your costs, you can easily handle business expansion by hiring virtual assistants.

17. Round-the-clock support

Your marketing efforts no longer need to be limited to a particular time slot. Hire a virtual marketing assistant to implement your marketing strategy round the clock.


Widen Customer Base

18. Increase traffic  

In order for your company’s website to be instrumental towards the growth of your brand, it must be able to bring in traffic and engage visitors. Your virtual marketing assistant will efficiently handle this department since they’re trained in creating customized content for your website and blog. They can also implement Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to increase traffic.

19. Convert leads

Your virtual marketing assistant will ensure that what starts as a mere visit to your website eventually turns into a paying customer. They will implement the right digital marketing strategies and run campaigns to expand your customer base.

20. Survey customers

Virtual marketing assistants, through online surveys and questionnaires, can help you understand areas that might need your attention. That way, you can get honest customer feedback to improve your offerings. With an insight into where your customers think you are lacking, you can keep delighting them.

21. Become a savvy brand

To stay relevant as a brand, it’s important you keep yourself stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and align your business with them. When you hire a virtual marketing assistant, they conduct extensive and regular research on what’s happening in the market to help you stay in the know.

22. Expand your reach

The internet is vast and with a noticeable presence online, you can target a large audience. This presence can only be established with consistently engaging your audience. Hiring a virtual marketing assistant is the right step towards expanding your reach through advanced strategies.

23. Improve brand image

Trained in several digital marketing techniques to engage your audience, your virtual marketing assistant can make a valuable contribution to building a brand image for your business.

Specialized Marketing Assistance

24. Enter international markets

To have a palpable presence in other countries, you need to understand the audience. For achieving this, hire a virtual marketing assistant native to the country. This is much easier than first establishing a physical presence - money, time, resources, and effort wise.

25. Grow an international customer base

With an international virtual marketing assistant, you can grow a foreign customer base. Your VA will bring a wealth of industry and cultural knowledge to the table, allowing you to expand to a foreign market.

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26. Prospecting leads

Struggling to find the time to attend to a list of qualified leads? Hire a virtual marketing assistant and they will make calls, pitch your product or service, and lead good prospects down the sales funnel. Your VA can also schedule meetings for interested prospects and manage your calendar.

27. Regular customer engagement

Virtual marketing assistants ensure regular customer engagement through emails, social media, content marketing, et al. With an employee solely dedicated to running digital marketing campaigns, you can engage followers and increase your visibility. Your virtual marketing assistant will share relevant blogs and posts at the most crucial hours of the day to cultivate a loyal audience.

28. Email marketing

As a busy entrepreneur, you naturally don’t have the time to create and schedule email marketing campaigns. Hire a virtual marketing assistant to ensure your customers remember you. Stay in touch with your target market as your VA creates auto-responders, promotional emails,and weekly newsletters.

29. Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is indispensable to growing your online presence. Attract traffic to your web assets by hiring a virtual marketing assistant skilled in SEO and SEM. Your VA will help you with tasks like keyword research, competitor analysis,on/off page optimization, and link building.

30. Blog Management

Another important part of your marketing strategy is posting information-rich blogs regularly. But this ends up taking too much of your time. Your VA can help you with researching blog topics, writing blogs, sourcing images, and managing your editorial calendar.

31. Social Media Marketing

Engage a virtual marketing assistant to manage your company’s social media handles and stay in constant touch with customers. Your VA will schedule posts on different platforms, respond to comments and messages, and effectively promote your business online.

Hire Immediately

32. Hire when you need to

One of the best things about hiring a virtual marketing assistant is that you can hire one whenever you need to – a growing business, a new marketing strategy, or simply kick-starting marketing. No lengthy recruitment procedures or time-consuming formalities. Just sign up on Wishup and hire a virtual marketing assistant for your business.

33. Replace with ease

If you have to let go of your virtual marketing assistant for some reason, you can easily replace them by quickly finding another skilled professional at Wishup.

34. Choose from a talented pool

With the power of the internet at your disposal, you can easily hire a virtual marketing assistant who best fits your needs, without the hassle of paperwork. What’s more, you have a global talent pool at your fingertips!

35. Start immediately

Hiring a virtual assistant to grow your business doesn’t take half the time as hiring full-time. With no paperwork or formalities, starting is as easy as signing up. Because you don’t even need to train your virtual assistant , they get to work immediately!

Your time as an entrepreneur is limited, so use it wisely. Hire a virtual marketing assistant to free up your time and focus on what you do best!

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