Perhaps no one agrees to the age-old adage of the customer being king more than a business owner. Customers today expect round-the-clock service and easy communication. But busy business owners just don’t have enough hours in the day to accomplish their mountain of tasks. And when you’re focusing on something important, the phone ringing is enough to distract you. But what if it’s an important lead you risk losing by directing them to voicemail?

To offer exceptional customer service, you need an exceptional person at the reception desk. With a virtual receptionist, you give your customers a way to get in touch with you, absolutely any time of the day. How? Your virtual receptionist answers all your calls, resolves customer queries, and makes sure no leads are missed. All you need to do is give them an initial set of instructions on how you want communication handled and then move on to focusing your energy on core business operations.

Why should I choose a virtual receptionist?

Not too sold on the idea of leaving your business’s communication to a stranger in a foreign land? We’ll give you many reasons to.

Let’s take a look at some roles a virtual receptionist can efficiently take on:

  • Answering phone calls
  • Taking messages
  • Routing calls to the right department/person
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Resolving customer queries
  • Offering 24*7 customer support
  • Following up with leads
  • Managing your mailbox
  • Running errands (personal or professional)

Most importantly, the biggest reason to hire a virtual receptionist is that they’ll do make sure only important calls get to you. This means you no longer have to field those spammy/annoying calls by sundry individuals. In fact, a virtual receptionist can do a lot more than just managing phone calls. You can also bank on them for email management, project management, customer support et al.

So how does hiring a professional virtual receptionist benefit your business? Read on.

Enhanced Customer Relations

1. Customer support

If you’ve been sending customers to an automated machine, there’s a good chance you’ve been losing business. Don’t neglect customer service - something as basic as an unanswered call can result in disgruntled customers. Hire a virtual receptionist to offer stellar customer support at all times. Your virtual receptionist will make sure all calls are answered, all emails opened, and all queries resolved.

2. Bilingual services

If your business caters to an international market, it really helps to have a bilingual receptionist. A bilingual virtual receptionist will increase customer trust and satisfaction by speaking a language your customers understand.

3. Cater to international clients

A skilled virtual receptionist who’s not just familiar with different languages but also cultures will allow you to serve a global market. Hire a virtual receptionist to expand your business’ footprint. Never lose a sale again because of a language barrier.

4. Prompt call answering

Many customers will lose patience if their call isn't answered by a real person in real time. It’s equally important they reach the right person/department. Your virtual receptionist will ensure calls are answered promptly and routed to the right person.

5. Outstanding customer service

A virtual receptionist is trained to handle calls and answer emails the right way. Unlike traditional receptionists, a virtual assistant (VA) is thoroughly trained and holds years of experience. It’s likely your VA has dealt with shades of customers and requests in the past. This breadth of experience allows them to evaluate each request/query and give it the kind of attention and response it demands. Get yourself a virtual receptionist to offer outstanding customer service, each time.

6. Quick resolution of queries

Virtual receptionists know your business and its processes inside out. This allows them to field customer queries with expertise and quickly direct questions and issues to the right department.

7. Happy customers

When your customers receive prompt support from a live person instead of a machine, they end up feeling satisfied in their interaction with your company. A trained virtual receptionist will ensure exceptional customer service, leaving you with a bunch of happy customers.

Trained Professionals

8. Superior service

With a virtual assistant platform like Wishup, you get trained virtual receptionists who know just the right way to handle queries at their desk. Be it a disgruntled customer or a job candidate, your VA knows how to tackle each call. Ultimately, this translates to superior service to multiple stakeholders.

9. Trained and qualified professionals

If you need a receptionist specifically trained in the customs of your industry, choose a virtual assistant who holds this expertise. A trained virtual receptionist will know exactly how to manage daily calls and requests, directing only the important ones to you.

10. Web chat

Customer service doesn’t stop at phone calls. A virtual receptionist will also engage with web visitors over web chat on your website or social media. This will consolidate your online presence as your visitors receive quick answers to online inquiries. Ultimately, you can leverage this to make your social accounts and website powerful sales tools.

11. Answer incoming calls

As an entrepreneur, you can’t answer phone calls all day. But that doesn’t mean it’s not important. Which is why it makes sense to hire a virtual receptionist to answer calls so you can save time and focus on other areas that need your attention. Virtual receptionists are trained in managing daily calls with the right greetings and responses. Their expertise also allows them to evaluate the importance of each call and reach out to you only when something really needs your inputs.

12. Manage customer tickets

Your virtual receptionist will make a note of customer queries and maintain a record of grievances and feedback. They are trained to manage support tickets and keep your customers happy.

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13. Schedule appointments

Apart from answering incoming calls, your virtual receptionist will also help you save time by scheduling appointments. They will manage your calendar and keep a track of daily meetings as you focus on other important matters.

14. Process orders

Your virtual receptionist can also take customer orders and process payments if you need them to. Just train them on the use of your online tools and they’ll do an excellent job of handling orders and customer questions about them.

15. Keep things organized

The greatest skill of a trained receptionist is that of organization. They take of everyday menial tasks in an orderly fashion – they will keep your files organized, tickets in order, and clear voicemails. As a small business, you may not able to afford a dedicated receptionist. A good idea is to hire a virtual receptionist service to keep things organized at work.

Reduced Expenses

16. Quality at lower costs

Managing your calls and appointments every day may not have a financial cost, but comes with huge opportunity costs. Why? Because it takes your focus away from more important areas of business growth. While you do have the option to hire a full-time receptionist, it’s a costly proposition. Hire a virtual receptionist instead and experience quality services at a fraction of the price.

17. Affordable services

Because you don’t have to pay a fixed salary to your virtual receptionist, your costs work out to be much lower. A virtual receptionist offers quality services without the high price tag of a dedicated resource. VA services are affordable, making for a smart investment for small businesses owners.

18. Pay per use

One of the best things about working with a virtual receptionist is that you only pay for the hours you use. No paid leaves and no additional benefits. And you know how far your business can go with the money it ends up saving. What’s more, virtual receptionist services come in many plans for different budgets. Choose a VA plan that works for your company’s needs and finances.

19. Save on office costs

Because your VA works remotely, you don’t need to pay for their office space. This means you can keep working out of your home or cafes without bothering to get a physical reception desk. Another reason why hiring a virtual receptionist is a smart move.

20. No fixed salaries

Paying in-house receptionists can set you back by hundreds of dollars every month. Add to it benefits, taxes, overhead expenses and you’re staring at major financial trouble. Hire a VA and say goodbye to fixed costs.

21. No training costs

Your virtual receptionist is trained in the ways of the business world. So you don’t need to spend months training them to get started. Just a basic lowdown of how things work in your business is enough.

Greater Flexibility

22. Flexible coverage

Choose a virtual receptionist to handle daily calls, emails, and other messages. It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday or if it’s close of business hours. An international virtual receptionist will offer flexible services round the clock.

23. 24*7 support

Virtual receptionists are available throughout the day, especially if they come from a different time zone. You can enjoy your vacation and rest assured business will be on as usual.

Improved Productivity

24. No missed business opportunities

To thrive in a competitive landscape, you must be available to your customers 24*7. But an in-house receptionist will only work so many hours. Hire a virtual receptionist service and never miss a business call. Moreover, being available 24*7 communicates to your customers a professional image, which only goes on to boost your standing in the market.

25. International reach

With an international virtual receptionist, you can expand your reach into foreign lands. Grow your business globally with a skilled VA.

26. Greater business productivity

When you have your daily calls and emails handled by a virtual receptionist, you have more time and bandwidth at your disposal. Instead of attending to unending phone calls every day, you can spend more time creating business strategies, meeting suppliers, and focusing on growth.

27. No distractions

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. So why should you complicate your life further by trying to handle receptionist duties? You know how distracting a ringing phone can be when you’re in the middle of something. Hire a virtual receptionist to eliminate distractions and drive business efficiency, each day.

28. No frustrating cold calls

With a virtual receptionist, you can effectively rid yourself of having to take unnecessary calls from cold callers and salespersons. Your VA will take care of all such calls and only transfer important ones to you.

29. Worker productivity

Because a virtual receptionist charges by the hour, they have an incentive to manage their time efficiently instead of idling time on gossip and social media. This translates to more work done in a day and higher staff productivity.

30. Allow yourself to take a break

With somebody at the helm of your work at all times, you need not worry about your business 24*7. Take a break and enjoy a holiday as your virtual receptionist works for you.

31. Centralize operations

Have all important messages and mails in a single place to avoid confusion. A virtual receptionist will centralize your everyday operations and organize work. Centralizing and streamlining operations will improve efficiency and eliminate frustrations for employees and customers.

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Save Time

32. Respond in your own time

Hiring a virtual assistant gives you the liberty to take messages in your off time. Instead of staying at the beck and call of the phone, have your receptionist keep them for you and respond in your own time.

33. Manage your schedule with ease

When your virtual receptionist keeps a track of your meetings and appointments, you don’t need to worry about where you’re going next. Allow your VA to manage your schedule as you focus on your business.

34. Free up time

Your focus is growing your business, improving your product, and bringing in more customers. The last thing you want to be doing is answering phone calls all day. What’s so great about a virtual receptionist is that you never miss a call while freeing up time. This means you have more time to devote to vital business functions as your VA takes care of other stuff.

35. Better time management

When you allow your VA to take appointments and handle queries, you can put your time to better use. No longer do you need to check voicemails, return calls, or sending emails.

36. Save human hours

Since your virtual receptionist does not need to physically be at the workplace, they save commute time. This will allow you to get more done in the time you have.

Round-the-clock Availability

37. No days off

Hire a team of virtual receptionists and you will never have to deal with an off day. Your VA is available throughout the day, offering stellar support to your business.

38. Always around

Even if you’re away, your virtual receptionist is around to take important calls for you. This is especially useful if you don’t have an on-site receptionist or a physical office space. No matter where you (or they) are, your customers can always reach you through your virtual receptionist.

39. Extended service hours

If you’re looking to extend customer service beyond business hours, you can use your virtual receptionist to keep communication lines open. This extra layer of customer service creates a favorable impression, something that’s good for your company in the long run.

Positive Brand Image

40. Great first impression

In business as in life, first impressions matter. A customer calling you for the first time can easily be put off if their call goes unanswered. A virtual receptionist makes sure this doesn’t happen and creates a professional impression in the minds of leads.

41. Improve brand image

Responding to calls and emails in a prompt and professional manner is crucial to the success of your venture. It makes your business look reputable and serious about customer service. In this way, your virtual receptionist can help you improve brand image.

42. Increase brand awareness

Building a brand takes time, money, and patience. But with a virtual office, you can give the impression of an established business. This assures your customers that they’re dealing with a big brand, which is good for business. Increase brand awareness with minimal time and resources!

43. Strong customer relationships

Building a relationship with your customers requires time. But a virtual receptionist quickly builds a rapport with them, listening to their queries and presenting solutions.

44. Present a professional image

One of the best ways to gain customer loyalty is to present a professional image at all times. And one of the easiest ways to do this is to hire a virtual receptionist instead of an automated answering machine. When you don’t answer calls on time, it dents your business’ image. With a virtual receptionist, your customers will view your company in good light and win their trust and loyalty.

Peace of Mind

45. No stress

Do you find yourself constantly worrying about unattended calls, unfinished business, and missed opportunities? If yes, hire a virtual receptionist to solve your woes. Trained to tackle communication and manage issues, they will reduce your mental stress as you relax in the knowledge that a professional is on top of daily operations. The peace of mind you thus gain will free up your time that you can use in other productive areas.

46. Give time to family

With skilled experts such as virtual assistants, you can be carefree and spend that much-needed quality time with your family and friends. Success is much wanted and but you need people to enjoy it with, too.

47. Peace of mind

When was the last time you took a vacation without worrying about what was going to happen to your business in your absence? If you are constantly checking messages and answering mails on a holiday, it’s time to hire a virtual receptionist. Find the peace of mind that’s been eluding you and live a life free of worry.

Easy On-boarding

48. Choose from a pool of VAs

Wishup offers a pool of trained virtual assistants who hold years of experience. Don’t limit your search to your city or country. Let the world be your canvas and choose a skilled professional for your business.

49. Replace with ease

If you’ve had to let go of your virtual receptionist for some reason, it’s easy to find a replacement. With trained professionals around the world, you can find a new receptionist in no time.

50. Start immediately

What makes working with a virtual receptionist so great is that you can begin immediately! Get in touch with us today and hire a trained virtual assistant to support your business.

If you’re a small business looking to grow, you need professional virtual receptionists — real people who will answer calls for you instead of sending callers to voicemail. Sometimes, your customers will need to talk to you. But that doesn’t mean you have to waste your time answering questions your virtual receptionist can handle.

Choose a virtual receptionist who knows your business well enough to anticipate questions and present answers without having to consult you each time. Instead of sinking your capital on full-time employees, hire a virtual receptionist for a fraction of the cost.

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