Are you an entrepreneur working with an online personal assistant but not entirely satisfied with their work for your company?

Many small business owners come across the ‘bad hiring’ problem only a few weeks after hiring a personal assistant. On the one hand, everyone can agree straight ahead that new businesses often face the issue of wrong hiring. However, it pricks more when you take a look at the statistics. According to Hirehive, 80% of turnover is due to a bad hire. On the other hand, we can look at the problem in a more detailed manner.

A Glance at the Problems

Giving remote personal assistants a tag of “bad employee” or “wrong hire” within a month or two of hiring is common. But, entrepreneurs often overlook the drawbacks with the overall internal workings and proceedings.

At times, things are rough at earlier stages before you hire a personal assistant. However, even not being at the right place at the right time is a constraint that may leave things hanging for you and your business. There are so many factors that you should consider before working with a virtual personal assistant.

  • What problems do you need to solve?
  • What is your budget/ How much can you pay for a personal assistant task?
  • Are you hiring the right person for your company?
  • Is there still work to be done after the hiring process?

And the most crucial thing, problem, or question that you should ponder is How to Ensure Maximum Productivity working with Online Personal Assistant?

Why Do You Need a Personal Assistant?

Let us start with the first question that is directed towards your business. If you have a fair idea about your pain points, you have almost solved the hiring problem. It becomes simpler to understand with some examples. For example, suppose you have a travel company, and someone is required to handle client calls. You should look for a personal online assistant who has experience in handling customer calls or complaint calls.

Similarly, if you are running an E-commerce business, the potential candidate must know how to process bulk orders, manage inventories, logistics, etc. An E-commerce personal assistant has to work on various things. So they should be quick to understand the task and come up with ways to complete them. If your business requires someone to write and edit drafts, descriptions, and other short-form content, they should have some experience in doing that.

The next problem is the duration for which you need to hire a personal assistant.

Figure out well in advance whether you need to hire a personal assistant for a day or longer period. Usually, a personal assistant for a day can help you during specific events, like conferences and interviews. These events require large and time-consuming setups that you might not be able to do because of other preparations.  

At this point, you know that the right fit is someone who knows about the workings of your business and can handle it. So let’s look into the next problem.

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Checking the Budget

Saving costs are the most prominent issue for small business owners. Funds are limited and tight at times. You should do budget mapping before hiring someone for a virtual personal assistant project. Once you have a budget set aside, you can use it to filter the candidates. However, the issue becomes a bit complicated here as suitable candidates are expensive. They mostly ask for higher payouts.

You can do your research by checking the standard rates and salaries that a personal assistant receives. Of course, years of experience is a crucial factor that affects the salaries of personal assistants.

Also, note that you have to hire a different personal assistant for different kinds of requirements. The administrative remote personal assistant can help you handle multiple tasks. The good part is that they do not require command or assistance at every step. They usually have the necessary skills and experience to manage multiple tasks or projects at the same time.

If you are looking for someone at a level higher than administrative, you can hire an executive personal assistant. They are highly-qualified individuals who can manage the projects right from the raw or liminal stage. Moreover, these remote assistants can assist in shaping your ideas so that you can add value to your business.

Making Sure Your Personal Assistant Is The Right Fit.

An enterprise needs tremendous work and undivided attention in the early stages. It is a team effort to grow a business, irrespective of the size of the team. So, even if your team comprises a single virtual assistant, the individual has to be a perfect fit for your business. It can be a complex puzzle to solve. After all, everyone tries to be their best in job interviews. Each candidate strives to make a solid first impression.

But, as a business owner, you should hire a virtual assistant based on two aspects. Firstly, you must have some personal parameters covered in the list of tasks for which you need assistance. Secondly, you can look into standard parameters like - Ability to deal with ambiguity. Pick up job flyers, brochures from leading companies or check the business profiles of recruiters. one common thing that you may notice - they all are expecting the ideal candidate to have the ability to deal with ambiguity.

As Glassdoor recommends, there are six signs to know that you have hired the right person. However, you can check for these signs before you finalize a personal assistant.

  • They can research well. If an individual knows about the milestones of your company, they have correctly done their research. The skill is an innate part of them and can benefit your company after their hiring.
  • They are enthusiastic about the opportunity. Many people tend to underrate the enthusiasm an individual shows towards a job opportunity. However, it indicates that they are probably happy to interview for the position in your company. This happiness will extend to the day-to-day work if they get the job.
  • A potential personal assistant candidate should respond fast. Recruiting managers have a long list of tasks to complete. They usually have multiple communication loops open with candidates. When a candidate is quick to respond to emails, the hiring process becomes more manageable.

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  • They present solutions and ideas. As a growing startup owner, you need to surround your company with employees who can confidently make pitches. The individual should be able to articulate good and workable ideas to grow the team and organization.
  • They are transparent in their approach. Honesty is a hard-to-find quality. If you think that the candidate gave balanced answers, with all honesty, they can be a good fit for the company.
  • The flow of the interview was smooth with them. In an interview with a good candidate, the recruiter isn’t the only one who drives the conversation. The discussion becomes more like a conversation with a good candidate instead of an interrogative back and forth.

Connect With a VA Agency

If you want to focus on saving expenses, firstly, hire from trusted virtual assistant agencies. Remote assistant provider companies, like Wishup, are established with the aim to provide you with trained and skilled candidates who can help you maximize the profits.

Just give it a thought. Then, you can avoid all the stress that comes when you run from pillar to post to hire a personal assistant, starting the procedures from the beginning.

You can initiate a free consultation session with Wishup to hire a suitable personal assistant. The process is simple and does not require hefty funds.

Story After You Hire a Personal Assistant

Small business owners may find a lot of advice from different sources about how to hire personal assistants. There are platforms like LinkedIn, social media, etc., where you can make a job posting to hire individuals. But, what is the next step? How can you maximize the growth of your startup working with an expert personal assistant? Here are some points to consider after you hire one.

  • Decide the Level of Involvement

You can begin with organizing an initial meeting with your personal online assistant and decide their consistent responsibilities. For example, sending client call reminders and scheduling work meetings are some regular tasks of personal assistants. Their level of experience and past project handlings are decisive factors for their involvement in your company.

You can take some time to determine the interests of remote assistants and then hand over the responsibilities to them.

  • The formula of Work Simplification

Simplifying the work goes both ways. If you have hired someone to make the job smooth, you must ensure that they have the right tools and authority. Unfortunately, knowingly or unknowingly, many entrepreneurs engage in micromanagement, which may prove a lousy practice later.

Late tech icon Steve Jobs said, “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them; what to do. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

Remember that you have hired a personal assistant to make the job easier. They are there to help you, to simplify the work. So there is no need to micromanage and check the result every time unless it is essential. Micromanaging the tasks takes everyone’s time.

Often micromanaging is so energy-draining that it affects the productivity of an individual. But, not just the productivity, micromanagement also leads to delayed tasks turnarounds.

  • Hold Effective Discussions

Have a look at the statistics that state - effective communication may increase productivity by 25%. Unnecessary communication loops take time and tend to be energy draining. All communications and meetings must have a clear agenda to make them precise.

  • Make Sure Your Personal Assistant is at Ease

Every workplace must present a combination for an employee - a combination of fun and challenges. Make sure that new additions to your team must have a good and welcoming culture. It will help them seamlessly fit in and provide good results right from the start.

When employees have a good work culture, they focus on growing the organization and tend to be a part of it for a longer duration. So think about it, a good employee who chooses to be with your company is a blessing in disguise.

Bringing It to End: The Conclusion

The discussion of what can positively work for an organization can never come to an end. But, we can indeed conclude on the topic - how to hire an online personal assistant and maximize the growth? If we ponder upon the step as mentioned earlier.

Finding the right remote personal assistant and then providing them with a nurturing environment is the key for every business to move forward. After all, happy employees lead the way to prosperity for a growing organization!

Get a step ahead by scheduling a free consultation with Wishup or mail at [email protected] if you want to hire a virtual personal assistant!

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