How Do You Create a New Channel in Slack?

Modern workplaces require efficient team communication and smooth collaboration for productivity. In this context, Slack is a powerful tool that revolutionizes how teams communicate and accomplish their objectives. At the heart of this digital platform are channels

How Do You Create a New Channel in Slack?

Modern workplaces require efficient team communication and smooth collaboration for productivity. In this context, Slack is a powerful tool that revolutionizes how teams communicate and accomplish their objectives. At the heart of this digital platform are channels.

They serve as the foundation for organized conversations and enable teams to streamline their workflow by categorizing discussions and information. Think of them as specialized rooms where brainstorming happens and innovation thrives.

slack channel benefits

These channels provide an invaluable space where ideas are nurtured, conversations are organized, and knowledge is shared.

If you are new to Slack and wondering how to create a Slack channel, this blog post is for you! Today, we will walk you through the detailed steps for creating a Slack channel. Read on!

What is a Slack Channel?

slack channels

Slack channels go beyond being virtual rooms; they are essential for fostering focused discussions and enhancing collaboration.

Channels are the backbone of Slack, as they allow for organized conversations that bring structure and clarity to work. You can create channels for any project, topic, or team, making it easier to keep all relevant information and team members in one place. This helps teams share ideas, make informed decisions, and propel work forward with greater efficiency.

They act as dedicated hubs, each with a specific purpose, such as project management, department updates, or even a Friday fun channel for team bonding. This segmentation ensures that discussions remain relevant, important, and easily accessible, eliminating the chaos of overflowing inboxes and disjointed communication. Channels become the pathways through which information flows, directing the collective efforts of a team toward a common objective.

Benefits of Having Channels on Slack

slack channel benefits

In the complex world of workplace communication, using channels on Slack can be like a guiding light, leading us to better collaboration and productivity. Let's look at the many benefits that highlight the importance of these channels.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Are you wondering, "What is a Slack channel?" Simply put, channels are spaces where team members exchange ideas, provide feedback, and collaborate on projects in real time. Just tell your team members how to join a Slack channel, and you can get started!

With a centralized platform for discussion, collaboration becomes seamless, fostering unity and collective effort.

Clear and Organized Communication

The organized nature of channels guarantees that discussions stay on topic, preventing irrelevant conversations. This structure allows team members to communicate clearly, leading to better understanding and less confusion.


Targeted Discussions and Information Sharing

Each channel can cater to specific topics, projects, or departments, allowing for targeted discussions. This targeted approach ensures that pertinent information reaches the right audience, avoiding information overload and enhancing efficiency.

Reduced Email Dependency

Channels in Slack significantly diminish the need for excessive email communication. By providing a real-time messaging platform, Slack channels minimize inbox clutter, allowing quicker, more efficient exchanges without the formality and delay often associated with emails.

Improved Searchability and Accessibility

Messages in channels are conveniently searchable. This makes finding past conversations, files, or important information easy. This accessibility streamlines locating relevant data, allowing quick decision-making and smooth retrieval of information.

Streamlined Workflow Management

Channels serve as organizational tools, ensuring discussions are focused on specific tasks or projects. This organization helps streamline workflows, enabling team members to prioritize tasks, monitor progress, and tackle challenges more effectively.

Increased Transparency and Visibility

Channels offer transparency by providing a platform where everyone involved can follow discussions and stay updated on project developments. This increased visibility fosters a culture of openness and accountability within the team.

How to Create a Slack Channel on a Desktop

how to create slack channel on desktop

Channel Creation on Desktop

  • Begin by accessing Slack on your desktop.
  • On the left sidebar, locate and click the "Channels" section.
  • Select the + icon next to the "Channels" header to initiate the channel creation process.

Naming and Describing the Channel

  • Consider selecting a name for your channel that effectively conveys the intended purpose or topic of discussion.
  • Include a concise description that outlines the channel's objectives or guidelines to help guide its members.

Setting Channel Privacy and Accessibility

  • Select the privacy settings for the channel. You can select between Public, which allows anyone in the workspace to see and join the channel. Alternatively, you can also choose the private option, which is accessible by invitation only.
  • If it's a private channel, invite the members who should have access.

Inviting Members to the Channel

  • Once you have set up your privacy settings, you can easily invite members by typing their names or email addresses.
  • Once selected, click "Invite" to add them to the channel.

How to Create a Slack Channel on Mobile

Channel Creation on Mobile

  • Select and open the Slack mobile app on your device.
  • Tap the three horizontal lines (menu icon) to access the main menu.
  • Choose the "Channels" option or the "Create a Channel/Group" option.

Steps to Define Channel Details

  • Input a channel name that is both descriptive and relevant.
  • Add a brief description detailing the channel's purpose or guidelines for clarity.

Configuring Channel Privacy and Settings

  • Choose the privacy settings for your channel: Public or Private.
  • To add members to private channels, simply invite them using their usernames or email addresses.

Adding Members to the Mobile-Created Channel

  • After adjusting the privacy settings, you can invite members by putting their names or email addresses in the designated field.
  • Tap the "Invite" or "Add" button to include them in the channel.

Why Outsource Slack Management to a Virtual Assistant?

By outsourcing the management of Slack to a skilled virtual assistant, you can unlock a treasure trove of benefits that will skyrocket your team's efficiency and productivity. These experienced professionals are experts at optimizing the platform, streamlining workflows, and fostering a culture of effective communication and collaboration within your team.

So, let's explore the many advantages of entrusting your Slack management to these specialized virtual assistants.

Expertise in Slack Administration and Setup

Virtual assistants who specialize in Slack have a deep understanding of the platform. They are skilled at setting up channels, configuring settings, and implementing integrations or automation to improve team workflows. They are also proficient in troubleshooting to ensure smooth operations in the workspace.

Save Resources and Improve Efficiency

By outsourcing Slack management to a virtual assistant, you can save significant time and resources. VAs expertly handle administrative responsibilities, such as onboarding new team members, channel management, and ensuring best practices. This allows your internal resources to be allocated towards more strategic initiatives.

Focus on Core Business Operations

When companies delegate Slack management to a skilled VA, their core team can prioritize strategic business operations. This change frees leaders and employees to focus on innovation, client relationships, and other activities that generate revenue, promoting overall growth.

Other Slack Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Help You With

Channel Moderation 

Virtual Assistants play a crucial role in maintaining the intended purpose of channels. They monitor discussions, enforce guidelines, and diplomatically resolve conflicts. This creates an environment that promotes collaboration and productivity.

User Permissions and Access Control

These professionals efficiently manage user access, ensuring data security and confidentiality. They assign and regulate permissions based on roles, safeguarding sensitive information.

Integration with Other Apps and Tools

Virtual Assistants skillfully integrate Slack with various applications and tools, like project management systems, CRM platforms, and file-sharing tools, to optimize productivity and streamline communication.

Training and Assistance for Team Members

Virtual assistants conduct training sessions and provide ongoing support to team members. This includes educating them on Slack features, best practices, and troubleshooting, ensuring maximum utilization of the platform's capabilities.

By outsourcing Slack management to a proficient virtual assistant, companies can tap into a resource that handles day-to-day administrative tasks and is a strategic partner in optimizing team collaboration and overall productivity.

Why is Wishup the best place to hire a Virtual Assistant?

wishup virtual assistants

Do you need the help of an expert VA to create a Slack channel and perform other Slack tasks? If yes, Wishup is your one-stop solution for everything! With a rigorous selection process, only the best 1% of applicants are chosen. This ensures that you will be working with the absolute best Slack manager.

Further, you also have the option to choose between US-based and Indian VAs depending on your company's needs. Let's look at some reasons why Wishup should be your top choice to hire VAs. 

We hire only the top 0.1% of applicants

Wishup's rigorous screening process involves multiple stages, including assessments, interviews, and skill evaluations. This ensures that the selected virtual assistants belong to the top echelon of talent, possessing not just skills but also the right attitude and dedication to excel in their roles.

Onboarding in 24 hours

The expedited onboarding process is meticulously designed for efficiency without compromising quality. Upon selection, the selected virtual assistant undergoes a streamlined onboarding procedure, ensuring they are fully equipped and ready to support the client within a remarkably short timeframe of just 24 hours.

Choose from the US-based and Indian VAs

Clients have the privilege of choosing virtual assistants based on their preferences, whether they prefer working with US-based professionals or opt for the flexibility of collaborating with skilled Indian virtual assistants. This choice ensures alignment with time zones and communication preferences.

Pre-trained and upskilled professionals

Wishup's virtual assistants arrive equipped with comprehensive training and expertise in diverse areas. They continually upskill themselves through regular training programs and exposure to the newest tools and techniques, ensuring they stay ahead in delivering top-notch support.

Dedicated Account Manager at your service

At Wishup, every client is assigned a dedicated account manager who acts as the main point of contact. This personalized approach guarantees smooth communication, understanding of specific business needs, and prompt resolution of any issues that may arise during our collaboration.

Instant replacement policy

At Wishup, we value client satisfaction, so we have an instant replacement policy. If, by chance, any issues arise with your assigned virtual assistant, we will quickly arrange for a replacement to keep your workflow and service delivery uninterrupted.



The importance of organized communication within Slack channels cannot be emphasized enough. These channels are essential for effective collaboration, guiding discussions, and sharing information in a structured manner to promote efficiency and clarity.

By delegating Slack management to a competent virtual assistant, businesses can experience the benefits of improved productivity and streamlined workflows. Skilled professionals handle channel administration, freeing teams to focus on core objectives. This approach enhances collaboration, task management, and decision-making speed.

Are you looking to revolutionize your team's communication and streamline operations? Enhance your workflow by considering a virtual assistant. Schedule a free consultation with Wishup or contact us at [email protected] to discover how their top-notch virtual assistant services can revolutionize your business. Take advantage of this opportunity to boost your team's efficiency and embrace the future of organized, efficient communication in Slack. 

How to Create a Slack Channel: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a chat channel in Slack?

To create a chat channel in Slack, simply click the '+' icon next to "Channels" on the sidebar. Then, choose "Create a Channel," provide a name and an optional description, set privacy settings, and invite members.

How do I create a shared channel in Slack?

To create a shared channel, access the workspace settings and select "Shared channels." Opt for "Create a shared channel," input the name of the partner workspace, and then follow the provided instructions to complete the setup process.

How do I create a channel in Slack Connect?

To create a Slack Connect channel, navigate to the "Channels" section and click the '+' icon. Select "Create a channel in Slack Connect," enter the partner's email or company name, provide channel details, and invite participants.

How do you Create a Slack channel and add everyone?

To create a channel, simply click the '+' icon next to "Channels." Name it, choose the privacy settings, and invite members by typing '@' and their names individually. Alternatively, you can invite the whole team by typing '@everyone' in the invite field.