For entrepreneurs and business owners, delegating is an integral part of growth. While it sounds fantastic and makes sense to have assistance, finding the proper individual to trust and manage your tasks is difficult.

A great personal assistant is a valuable ally who can manage all of your administrative responsibilities. This gives you time to concentrate on the jobs that propel your company ahead. In addition, they'll manage communications, so you don't get distracted while working. They efficiently handle your meetings, complete paperwork, and help you track finances, among other things.

Isn't that appealing?

This blog will discuss how to hire a personal assistant to reclaim control of your time and focus on your business strategy, coworkers, and client satisfaction.

Who is a Personal Assistant?

Personal assistants are adaptable and well-organized individuals that help entrepreneurs with specific administrative tasks. For example, they are in charge of organizing meetings, note-taking, and responding to emails on behalf of their employers. They may also be asked to make travel reservations and aid with other responsibilities as needed.

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A qualified and experienced personal assistant should have strong organizational abilities and, preferably, previous secretarial or administrative experience. They are aware of the demands of busy executives and work independently to give individually tailored administrative support to their employer.

Earlier, personal assistants used to work in the same office/location as their employers. However, as remote work has proven to be more cost-effective and productive in recent years, more entrepreneurs have been hiring virtual personal assistants to help them efficiently run their business without putting a dent in their company budget.

How Do You Know If You Need a Personal Assistant?

When entrepreneurs start their careers, hiring a personal assistant sounds appealing to them, though at the time, it might seem like a luxurious expense they can't afford at the early stages of their business journey.

Having a PA, though, is not a luxury but rather a necessity owing to the heavy workload and excessive demands in the daily life of a business owner.

So the logical question is, how can you recognize when you need to hire an online personal assistant?

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You Find It Difficult To Manage Or Keep Up With Your Calendar

Keeping track of your agenda has become a challenge. You've noticed that you frequently double-book appointments and meetings or lose track of events entirely. Clearly, this isn't a professional approach to your business operations and creates a negative impression in the minds of your clients.

A personal assistant helps manage your calendar so that you're only accountable for one activity at a time. For example, they can keep track of your next appointment, preventing you from running late. They can also prepare your daily itineraries and send them to you over email every morning, ensuring that you are ready for what the day entails.

You’re Struggling To Schedule Tasks

Even if your schedule is in good condition, your to-do list may overflow with important and trivial chores. The aggravation of being overwhelmed with the seemingly endless list of tasks and ending the workday feeling like you haven't accomplished anything productive can cause mental and physical stress. Additionally, the pressure to handle everything on your own builds up. You may lose track of crucial issues that need to be addressed amid the chaos.

Hiring a personal assistant may be the solution to this issue. Your assistant can handle all the mundane tasks and take them off your to-do list, so you have time to focus on the important tasks. This will make you feel relaxed as you work and ensure you finish the workday feeling productive and accomplished, knowing your administrative tasks are in good hands. If you need more convincing, check our blog for five reasons you should hire a personal assistant in 2022.

You Don’t Have A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Did you know that 77% of working Americans experience burnout ar their Jobs?

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential for mental well-being. By drawing a barrier between your work and personal worlds, you allow yourself the opportunity to mentally recharge, socialize, and engage in other mind-clearing activities. Otherwise, there is a considerable risk that you'll be burned out.

You could need an assistant if you're continuously anxious about work, feel like you're always working, or don't have the time to participate in activities outside work, such as your hobbies or interests, and spend time with family or friends.

There are plenty of perks to hiring a personal assistant. To learn more about the benefits of virtual assistant services, read our blog.

The Best Tips To Help You Hire Your First Personal Assistant

1.Write Down a Detailed Job Description

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You can’t find the right person for the job if you don’t know what you’re looking for. So, the first step would be to write down a description of the tasks and responsibilities you would like your assistant to help you with.

The job description should include a brief introduction to the organization, tasks, responsibilities, and work criteria. Consider the introduction to be a proposal for top talent, with a few lines describing the organization, culture, and a brief explanation of the job.

Provide a list of job objectives under the responsibilities area, detailing their daily responsibilities, such as maintaining your calendar and planning trip itineraries.

List the priority skills you're looking for, such as effective communication, organization, timekeeping, and juggling multiple responsibilities. This exercise ensures only the candidates with the right skill-set apply for the role. It also makes you look more professional as an employer.

When you opt for hiring a virtual assistant, you’ll get access to a broader spectrum of talent since you are not restricted to a particular geographical area.

2. Shortlist Resumes

Once you've got your job description published, you're likely to receive applications. Now you must start considering how to recruit the best personal assistant for your business. Please note that you don't necessarily need to pick the best or most experienced PA, but one that best suits your personal requirements.

When reviewing a resume, check to determine if the individual has highlighted the duties and abilities mentioned in the job description as a part of their skillset. Check to see if they have the necessary qualifications for the job or level of professional experience. Once you've narrowed down your top candidates, set up an interview to get to know them before deciding who will go to the next round of interviews.

You could also opt for a quick phone conversation to help you analyze if the candidate has the skills required of a personal assistant, such as communication, listening skills, and good conduct. These calls can help you reduce the number of candidates on your list to those who are genuinely enthusiastic about the job.

3. Conduct Interviews

The interview stage is when you will really be able to narrow down your list of candidates. Initiating the interview by raising thoughtful questions is one of the secrets to how to employ the right personal assistant for yourself.

Make sure to ask questions that disclose their technical knowledge, business acumen, and whether or not they will fit in well with your company's culture.

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Here are some question ideas that might help you when you interview your PA candidates -

  • Ask them to highlight the best parts of their resume and listen to how well they describe and sell themselves. Note that they will be using the same method to represent you and our company to clients.
  • Ask them to highlight some of their key achievements in their previous roles and focus on some problems they helped solve. This will give you an idea of how well they perform under pressure.
  • Ask them what they liked about the role and why they chose to apply. Just needing a job is not enough; they need to be passionate about their job to do it well. This will help you gauge their interest level.

4. Assign A Sample Task

There are times when people can present themselves well during an interview. Still, it doesn't guarantee they have the necessary skills to handle the job.  What you can do during interviews is have candidates perform a task to help you assess their abilities rather than their perceptions of their abilities.

When hiring a personal assistant, you might follow a similar approach. For example, assume you're preparing for an event and request that candidates describe the steps they would take to arrange your vendors and catering.

When hiring for a remote assistant role, see how they will perform these tasks without being in the same location as you are.

5. Don’t Skip The References

Asking for references is an important part of the hiring process. Still, you'll be surprised to learn that most people skip out on this step while going through the hiring process.

Ensure you ask their references things that demonstrate the candidate's capabilities to meet the job you're interviewing for. As we mentioned earlier, you might be interviewing the most skilled and experienced person on your list, but they might not be qualified to handle the tasks that are most crucial to you. So it's important to understand what your candidate's strong suits are. Again, references can tell you whether or not a candidate is a suitable match for the job.

When you are hiring remotely, it’s helpful to run a background check with the previous employer to ensure the person you are hiring is skilled and qualified enough to handle important tasks remotely.

6. Don’t Sign Up For Long Term Contracts Immediately

No matter how long you interview a candidate, you won’t really know how good a fit they make with your work style until you actually start working with them. Since this is a person who will be working closely with you and representing you to clients, you’ll need to be professionally compatible.

Sometimes, the person might tick all the right boxes in terms of the skill set, but once you start working with them, the two of you don’t click well, creating a tense working environment.

When hiring a full-time office assistant, you might need to sign a long-term employment contract. But when you hire a remote assistant, you are free of these obligations.

One of the biggest perks of hiring a personal assistant remotely is that they don’t come with long-term contracts. Instead, you can sign contracts as short as one month and extend them if you like the quality of their work.

7. Consider The Onboarding and Training Period

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Similarly, your personal assistant isn’t going to be able to take over your administrative tasks right from day one.

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The easy option is to just have them sort out how to handle your company's administrative needs. Easy thinking, however, will not benefit your company. Instead, the way you handle the onboarding period will determine whether your working relationship with your PA succeeds.

Prepare a list of the exact duties you want them to take on as soon as or even before they join. Highlight priority tasks and gradually give them assignments ranging from the easiest to the hardest. Add on more tasks eventually when you're satisfied with the quality of their work.

8. Be Open To Feedback And Suggestions

Remember that when you hire a virtual assistant,  they come with years of experience working in administrative tasks, maybe even more than you. They might have ideas that can help make operations easier and smoother.

A fresh perspective is always a great way to improve the way businesses function. Therefore, bringing in a personal assistant might even be beneficial for the growth of your business.

Likewise, you should also get feedback from the rest of your team about your personal assistant. Since they are the direct source of communication between you and many different departments within the company, they need to work well with individual team members and departments.

Consider Outsourcing

Did you know that most of the steps we mentioned in this guide can be eliminated if you hire a personal assistant outsourcing agency like Wishup?

At Wishup, we take care of the hiring, screening, and training process, so you are guaranteed to work with the top 1% of global talent.

Our personal assistants are qualified to handle a myriad of administrative tasks. They are genuinely invested in the success of your business, from scheduling your calendar, making travel arrangements, or organizing events. There are also no long-term contracts, so you can test the service out and see if it works.

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For a complete list of tasks a personal virtual assistant can do for you, read our blog.

The best part of working with an outsourcing agency is that you save yourself the time and effort of going through countless resumes and interviews. Not to mention the training period. We train all our personal assistants as they are onboarded, so they are ready to start the job as soon as they are assigned to you.

Another great perk of outsourcing is that if you don’t click well with your assigned personal assistant or are not satisfied with the quality of their work, we at Wishup provide you with the option of an instant replacement, no questions asked. In the rare case you face any issue, you can bring it to us, and we will have your replacement ready in a matter of hours.

Hire The Right Candidate For The Job

Taking the extra time to ensure you hire the right candidate for the job is worth it because they can significantly contribute to your business's success. Or, you could leave the hard work and choose to outsource hiring duties to a virtual assistance agency. We hope you enjoyed this article and find these hiring tips helpful.

If you would like to grow your business with the help of our skilled personal assistants, click here to schedule a free consultation with Wishup today.

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