What is a Thread in Slack, and How Do You Start One?

What is a Thread in Slack, and How Do You Start One?

Starting a thread in Slack is akin to creating a subplot in a gripping novel, with each message revealing the unfolding drama.

Consider it the "Inception" of workplace conversations, with layers of depth added by conversations within conversations, making your communication strategy as intricate as a Christopher Nolan masterpiece.

Whether adding context, replying, or tagging a colleague, this feature is your best ally in keeping Slack channels and direct messages organized. 

Learn how to harness the power of threads to maintain relevance and accessibility to the core topic, all while ensuring a clutter-free environment. 

Welcome to the world of Threads in Slack, where streamlined communication awaits, and learn how to start a thread on Slack.

What is a Slack Thread?

What is a Slack Thread?

A Slack thread is a focused and organized way to communicate within the Slack platform. It allows users to dwell deeper into a specific message by creating a threaded conversation. 

Threads are like mini-discussions that branch off from the main channel or direct message, enabling users to provide additional context, reply to a message, or tag specific colleagues. 

This feature enhances communication by keeping discussions about a particular topic neatly contained, preventing clutter in the main channel and facilitating more structured conversations.

Slack threads revolutionize channel discussions by providing organized spaces for specific message responses, offering a range of benefits:

  • Threads elevate communication clarity, thwart message clutter, and streamline topic retrieval, fostering improved collaboration.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to join conversations at your convenience, ensuring you engage when it suits your schedule.
  • Threads are pivotal in keeping announcement channels clear and focused, avoiding unnecessary distractions.
  • Leverage threads to construct meaningful conversations stemming from automated messages, maximizing the potential for interactive and dynamic discussions.


Benefits of Slack Threads

Threads help you create better conversations in the channel. Let's see how:

Organized and Focused Conversations

Slack threads help maintain organized and focused conversations by allowing users to create dedicated discussions around specific messages. This ensures that discussions stay on topic and relevant without causing distraction in the main channel.

Reduced Clutter in Channels

Simplify your Slack experience and declutter channels effectively using threads. Threads are instrumental in preventing lengthy discussions from inundating the main channel, maintaining a cleaner and more streamlined communication environment.

To further declutter and reduce cognitive load in Slack, begin by adjusting your sidebar settings. Navigate to Preferences > Sidebar > Unreads and starred conversations. Set your preferences only to display starred channels and unread messages. This configuration ensures that tracks with no recent activity are automatically removed from your sidebar, providing a more focused and organized workspace.

Improved Context and Collaboration

Threads in Slack elevate collaboration by offering a dedicated space for users to provide context, respond to messages, and directly mention colleagues. This functionality ensures that pertinent information remains linked to the original message, fostering a more comprehensive understanding of the ongoing conversation.

To enhance communication clarity in Slack, consider formatting your messages. Additionally, you can schedule messages for future delivery or edit messages that have already been sent. For instance, when offering feedback on a document, incorporating list formatting can make it easier for the team to scan and comprehend the information.

Enhanced Information Retrieval

Slack threads are crucial in enhancing information retrieval by organizing discussions systematically. This organization allows users to effortlessly find and retrieve specific details without navigating through numerous messages in the main channel. This streamlined approach boosts efficiency and speeds up the information retrieval process.

Choose the "Restore" option to quickly restore all messages without selecting any groups or messages. If you prefer restoring only specific group conversations, select the desired groups and click "Restore." Similarly, to restore specific messages from particular groups, select the messages and click "Restore."

How to Use Slack Threads?

Using Slack Threads

In Desktop

  • Navigate to the "Activity" section.
  • Choose "Threads" to access threads you're involved in, prioritizing those with unread replies at the top.
  • Within your Threads view, click on a thread to open it and respond. Hovering over a thread provides additional options:
  • Add an emoji reaction
  • Open the thread in a channel or DM (direct message).
  • Save messages for later
  • Access other options, such as turning off notifications for a specific thread.

From Mobile

On mobile, go to "Home" and tap "Threads" at the top to view your ongoing conversations. Threads with unread replies will be prioritized at the top. In your Threads view, you can:

  • Reply to a thread
  • Choose a thread to open it in the original conversation
  • Only follow a thread to avoid receiving notifications of new replies.

How to Create a Slack Thread?

Creating a Slack Thread

To initiate a Slack thread, follow these steps:

  • Open Slack and go to the desired channel.
  • Hover over a message.
  • Click the "speech bubble" in the context menu.
  • A new pane will emerge to the right of the main chat, forming the thread.
  • Enter your response in the text box.
  • Click the Send icon to dispatch your message.
  • If you're not the initial responder, the thread will already exist.

How to Save a Slack Thread?

Saving a Slack thread can be done through archiving or exporting:

  • Navigate to the In Progress tab.
  • Click the three dots icon in the message or file's top-right corner.
  • Choose Archive.

To save an entire conversation:

  • Click Security in the left sidebar.
  • Select Exports.
  • Click Export for the chosen export type.
  • Choose between the entire organization or a specific workspace.
  • Set a date range.
  • Click Start to initiate the export process.

Using Slack Threads with Other Platforms

Threads function seamlessly in shared channels and Slack Connect, operating similarly to regular channels within Slack. This applies to external organizations you have authorized, preventing channel flooding and ensuring a smooth collaboration experience for all Slack contacts involved.

Using Slack Threads with Microsoft Teams

Collaborating with Slack Threads on Microsoft Teams may differ from Slack's native functionality. Although Microsoft Teams doesn't directly support message threads, you can enhance integration by initiating Teams calls within Slack. To set up this integration:

  • Visit the Slack App Directory and install the Teams app.
  • Utilize the slash command /teams-calls to initiate and participate in Teams meetings.

Additionally, access the integration conveniently through the lightning-bolt-shaped shortcut button near the message input field. Explore further integration possibilities by leveraging tools like Zapier for automation, enabling messaging interoperability, or configuring integration webhooks manually.

Using Slack Threads with Webex

Collaborating with Webex through Slack is facilitated by the Meetings integration. This integration empowers Slack users to initiate and join Personal Room or scheduled meetings directly from the Slack app. Sharing Personal Room links or scheduled meeting links within channels is easy, and instant meeting initiation with a shared Personal Room link is just a click away.

  • To set up this integration, ensure the following steps are taken:
  • Webex site administrators must enable the integration.
  • Slack administrators, workspace owners, and Webex site administrators can follow these steps:
  • a. Visit the Apps page in the Slack Enterprise Grid Admin Dashboard.
  • b. Click on Manage Apps > Install an app.
  • c. Enter "Webex Meetings" in the search bar, select it, and click Continue.
  • d. Grant permission by clicking Allow to enable Meetings to access your Slack organization.

How to Follow a Slack Thread

To keep track of a Slack thread, follow these simple steps:

  • Tap on the thread you want to follow.
  • Beneath the original message, tap the three dots icon.
  • Choose "Get Notified about New Replies" to receive notifications for all upcoming thread replies.

How to Delete a Slack Thread

To remove a Slack thread, follow these steps:

  • Find the thread you wish to delete.
  • Hover over the message.
  • Click the three-dot icon for More Actions.
  • Choose "Delete message" to erase your message and the associated thread.

For mobile deletion:

  • Open Slack on your device.
  • Tap and hold the message you want to delete.
  • Select "Delete Message" from the appearing menu.

How to unfollow people on threads?

To unfollow people on threads in Slack, follow these steps:

  • Open the thread you want to unfollow.
  • Click the three-dot icon (more actions) below the original message.
  • Select "Stop Notifying" to unfollow the thread and stop receiving notifications for new replies.

Can You Disable Slack Threads?

Disabling Slack threads for short is not an option, but you can deactivate the Slack integration to prevent new threads. Communication within FDCS accounts remains intact. For inline replies, utilize the Share message button, and to control thread notifications:

  • Tap the thread.
  • Tap the three-dot icon below the original message.
  • Select "Get Notified about New Replies."

Why Outsource Slack Management to a Virtual Assistant?

Outsourcing Slack management to a virtual assistant offers a streamlined approach to optimizing communication within a business. Virtual assistants bring expertise in utilizing Slack features and implementing best practices, ensuring effective collaboration. 

Expertise in Slack Features and Best Practices

Virtual assistants possess specialized knowledge in utilizing Slack's features and implementing best practices. Their expertise ensures effective communication and collaboration within the platform, optimizing its functionalities for the team.

Focus on Core Business Functions

Delegating Slack management to a virtual assistant allows teams to concentrate on core business functions. This strategic outsourcing enhances overall productivity and enables businesses to achieve their primary objectives without being weighed down by administrative tasks.

Continuous Slack Monitoring and Management

Virtual assistants ensure continuous monitoring and management of Slack channels. This ongoing oversight guarantees that the platform remains organized, updated, and aligned with the dynamic needs of the business, contributing to a consistently efficient communication environment.

virtual assistant for slack

Other Slack Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Help With

In addition to managing Slack, a virtual assistant excels in various tasks to enhance team collaboration and efficiency.

Channel Management

Virtual assistants can expertly organize and moderate channels, ensuring streamlined communication.

Message Organization

They skillfully categorize and archive messages, making information retrieval quick and hassle-free.

Integration Setup

Virtual assistants proficiently set up and manage integrations to optimize workflow and enhance collaboration.

Responding to Common Queries

With a deep understanding of Slack, they address common queries promptly, facilitating smooth communication.

Customizing Notifications

They personalize notification settings, ensuring team members receive relevant updates without unnecessary interruptions.

User Access Management

Virtual assistants efficiently handle user access, ensuring secure and appropriate channel memberships.

Running Reports and Analytics

They adeptly generate reports and analyze analytics to provide insights for better team performance and communication strategies.

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Did you understand how to start a thread on Slack? Slack threads play a significant role in maintaining organized and efficient team communication. They streamline conversations, reduce noise in channels, and ensure important information doesn't get lost in the shuffle. 

Without threads, the risk of scattered information and reduced productivity looms large. To overcome these challenges and enhance team efficiency, consider outsourcing Slack management to a skilled virtual assistant. 

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How to start a thread on Slack: Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I start a conversation in Slack?

To initiate a conversation in Slack, click on the channel or direct message where you want to communicate. Then, type your message in the message input field and press Enter to send it. This opens up the opportunity for others to respond and engage in the conversation.

How do you go to the beginning of a Slack thread?

To navigate to the beginning of a Slack thread, click on the timestamp of the first message in the thread. This action will take you to the initial message, allowing you to review the entire thread from the beginning to understand the conversation comprehensively.

How do I start a new thread in Slack?

To start a new thread in Slack, hover over the message you want to thread and click on the speech bubble icon in the context menu. This action creates a separate thread pane to the right of the main chat, where you can type your reply and keep the conversation organized.

How do I start a thread with multiple people in Slack?

To initiate a thread with multiple people in Slack, mention their usernames in your initial message or Slack reply in thread. By including multiple usernames, you ensure that everyone mentioned is looped into the thread, fostering collaborative discussions and keeping everyone informed.