Ever wondered how successful companies get their work done without investing money? There is one smart tactic that you might not know about! Successful businesses prefer outsourcing and hiring virtual assistant services to manage operations without emptying their wallets.

Most business owners have more on their plate than they can handle, leaving them exhausted and too overworked to do anything. With incomplete tasks piling on their calendar, it becomes too overwhelming to get through the day, draining every last drop of energy left in them.

To tackle such situations and avoid burnout, small business owners and startups began outsourcing and hiring virtual assistants. Let's find out how hiring virtual assistants helped them save time and money.


Why do businesses prefer Virtual Assistants?

The virtual assistant industry has evolved over the past few years, especially during the pandemic. Virtual assistants have changed the dynamics of the lives of small business owners with their skills and cost-effectiveness.

They help business owners with every possible task, including managing calendars, and emails, scheduling meetings, booking appointments, payrolls, bookkeeping, managing social media accounts, planning a vacation, doing competitor research, writing SEO content, and much more. You name a task, and your virtual assistant can probably help you with it.

Virtual assistants are not just limited to general tasks. They can contribute to the growth factor of a business and help it increase sales, spread awareness and even expand to other countries!

But what makes them so efficient? Let's find out!

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#1 Save your most valuable possession- Time

Successful businesses know that their most prized possession. To grow a business and take it to the next level of growth, you need to invest time in strategy, planning, and building the right networks.

Without giving enough time to these factors, your business will not perform as you want. Entrepreneurs and business owners often find themselves neck deep in administrative tasks such as replying to emails, reverting to customers, and scheduling meetings.

Administrative tasks take a lot of time from their day and result in massive burnout, leaving no time for making the right decisions for their business. Hiring virtual assistants is a perfect bridge to not wasting time with routine tasks and concentrating your energy and ideas on decisions and tasks that add value to your business.

This way, you can attend to the tasks that matter and utilize your productive hours of the day in the right way.

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#2 Save money!

All businesses invest heavily in their employees and infrastructure. However, such investments come with many extra expenses, such as an office area, rentals, electricity charges, employees' work systems, internet connectivity, furniture, and more - the average payroll for each employee is about $71,456.

Virtual assistants are cost-effective for every entrepreneur, small business, and startup owner. A Wishup Virtual Assistant would only cost you $20,000, saving you $50,000 that can be invested into business growth. In addition, managing a virtual team is way less expensive than an in-office team, making this a convenient option for business owners and startup owners in their initial stages of growth.

Several employee benefits need to be met by every company or business. However, when you hire virtual assistants, you wouldn't have to worry about any of these as you only pay them for the work done!

#3 Access to better tools

When a business owner outsources their work to a virtual assistant company, they get better exposure to tools and software. Professional tools and software make their work more fine-tuned and help give it the professional touch it needs.

Most companies that provide virtual assistance to other businesses and firms have paid subscriptions to the best tools and software they need daily. Whereas for a company to individually purchase software, it becomes pricey, especially if you have a limited budget.

Some software could be expensive, and you might not need it daily. In such situations, investing in software or tools isn't feasible economically. In such cases, your virtual assistant can use their expertise to help you find an affordable alternative that doesn’t involve spending a lot of money.

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#4 Get the best talent

When you hire employees, you must spend time and money recruiting and training them to get used to your business's workflow. However, when you outsource your work, you work with the most skilled and experienced people.

The most significant advantage of working with virtual assistants is eliminating geographical constraints and accessing the best talent worldwide. Access to the best talent reflects in the quality of work and gives you the best outcome for the money you invest in an employee.

You would come across multiple projects while running your business where you need the skills of an expert in various fields. Unfortunately, hiring an expert for one project or task is not an affordable option. In such situations, outsourcing will help you get your work done by people with years of experience in the industry.

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#5 Speed and flexibility

When outsourcing your work, you can expect the work to be done faster and more precisely, since they are paid per hour/project. This means you can prioritize your work, invest time smartly, and exclude tasks that take up unnecessary time from your to-do list.

Think again, even the tasks that don't add value right now still hold importance in the long run, right? For example, keeping a record of every transaction and every financial investment might not hold importance for you or your company at the moment.

Still, such information is crucial when it comes to filing your taxes at the end of every financial year. Most businesses prefer hiring a bookkeeping virtual assistant to keep a record of every transaction made every day to understand the steps to be taken next based on the present financial state.  

Some tasks might need your direct involvement or supervision, but doing multiple tasks at once might get overwhelming. By hiring a virtual assistant, you can work in an organized manner. This way, your tasks can be completed faster, and there will be more time for recreation, networking, and much more.

#6 Less Workload

As an entrepreneur, most of your day may be spent dealing with crucial yet unavoidable tasks. Unfortunately, during this hustle, you often forget that your time is the most valuable compared to all your employees.

Hiring a virtual assistant for these crucial routine tasks could lead to many advantages, starting with more time to socialize and network with other entrepreneurs and business owners.

A virtual assistant can perform more tasks than you think, such as

  • Market Research
  • Data Entry
  • Managing your email
  • Digital marketing
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Bookkeeping
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Social media managing
  • Transcription
  • QA Testing, and much more.

Virtual assistants are highly skilled and have impressive industry experience, which helps add increadible value to your business. In addition, they are well organized and efficiently complete their assigned tasks on time. This makes your workflow better and gets things done on time.


#7 Always available

In the case of full-time employees, they are bound to work for fixed hours during the day. This makes your customer support services confined to these hours. Of course, if your customers are working as well, then a time that suits their needs would be after working hours, but what if none of your employees are active then?

This is a giant loophole that most companies don't consider, but an effective solution to tackle this problem is hiring a virtual assistant based in a different time zone! Your employees take responsibility for grievances during the day, and your virtual assistant will take care of the after-hours.

Unlike other employees, virtual assistant companies make sure that they always have a backup plan for their clients whenever they need it. This way, even if the virtual assistant is not available or falls sick, your business does not suffer.

There are other advantages of their availability as well. For example, if one of your employees decides to resign from their job, it takes a while to find a suitable replacement, train them, and make them understand your workflow, and after all this, it is still uncertain if they will be efficient at their job.

But on the other hand, you can hire a virtual assistant within 24 hours from virtual assistant service providers like Wishup. There is little to no time spent training them. Of course, you need to explain to them what you expect from a given task, but that's it. So you end up saving time, money, resources, and most importantly, the stress of replacing an employee.

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#8 Better online presence

Any business must work on the brand's awareness first, irrespective of its niche. The best and most cost-effective way to spread awareness is to have an excellent online presence.

Having a noticeable online presence takes time and patience, so you need to put in the hours. Along with a good website, there are several other things that you need to consider, such as social media presence, engaging content being posted regularly, online campaigns, and active customer services.

If you are an entrepreneur, giving your time to manage social media and a website all the time, it can get a lot more overwhelming than you think. So how else can you have active social media for your business and not compromise any other important task?

With a virtual assistant managing your social media, you can be confident your social media is taken care of and actively work on things that would help you take your business in the right direction.

#9 Work On Weak Areas

There are specific tips and tricks for working smarter when growing a business. Unfortunately, these tricks cannot be taught but come from experience after working in the industry and making mistakes.

Unfortunately, not everyone has that kind of exposure, and if you wish to hire someone with that experience, it will cost you more than your budget.

You can have the best talent with exceptional experience by hiring a virtual assistant for your team. This way, you can implement the techniques to improve your business and work on the areas you couldn't do earlier.

The tools and software available on the internet are an efficient solution to make your workflow more efficient. Most virtual assistants know the best tools available and will help you accomplish your goals.

Keeping aside procedures, tools, and software, you need adequate knowledge to work on specific areas while managing employees and tasks. For example, software testing is an unexplored side by businesses or companies that create software.

Software testing assistants can significantly help fix bugs and enhance the user experience when launching new software in the market. If you have great software, but the execution lacks quality, it will drastically affect your reputation in the industry.

It will not just affect your sales but also affect the products and services you launch under the same brand name. Unfortunately, no software can be error-free, but the major bugs can be fixed with the help of regular testing in the developing stage.  

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What are you waiting for?

You must adapt and evolve at your own pace to take your business to a better level. Take the right decisions, make mistakes and even fail a couple of times, but with the help of a virtual assistant, you learn and grow in the right direction.

Virtual assistants are an asset to your business and can do anything and everything for their clients! ( as long as it's legal )

To explore and know more about virtual assistants, check out our website, www.wishup.co, or write to us at [email protected]

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