Too Busy to Research Potential Clients? A Virtual Research Assistant Can Help

What is the first step of any new business initiative? In-depth research. When your small team cannot devote hours of their time to this crucial business function, hiring a virtual assistant brings expertise into the business to conduct quality research.

Too Busy to Research Potential Clients? A Virtual Research Assistant Can Help

What is the first step of any new business initiative? In-depth research.

No matter what industry, businesses depend on in-depth research to analyze competition, reach potential clients, keep up with the current market trends, and tap into profitable business opportunities.

In short, excellent research is indispensable. But as an entrepreneur, you would know that good research goes beyond a simple internet search. The quality of your research determines the quality of your business decision-making – which also makes it a time-consuming task all business owners could use some help with.

Luckily, a virtual assistant for research can help ease your process of market and client research. A remote research assistant can help you with-

  • Client research
  • Customer follow-up
  • Competitor analysis
  • Product research
  • Market survey

When your small team cannot devote hours of their time to this crucial business function, hiring a virtual assistant brings expertise into the business to conduct quality research.


But what value do these research virtual assistants incorporate into your business? In this blog, we discuss why hiring a remote research assistant is a prudent way to conduct competent client research for your business.

Why should you outsource your research tasks to a virtual research assistant?

Conducting thorough research on your target market and potential clients is invaluable to gaining a leg up over your competition. You know it's important when high-growth firms are 2.5X more likely to conduct research on their clients to attract 30% higher growth.

Infographic showing how high-growth companies research frequently to achieve higher growth and profitability as compared to no or ocassional research


However, as with anything complex, conducting in-depth research requires skill. A highly trained and skilled researcher will identify and target the most useful market information to help your business grow. But without the right skills, your research output might lack quality. Which, in turn, affects your ability to target the right clients for the business.

Not to mention, for a small business with limited manpower, gathering, comparing, and analyzing data can be a cumbersome task – one that easily eats away much of their valuable time.

By outsourcing your key research activities, you not only get to delegate your work to save your time but also tap into your online research assistant's expertise to improve the quality of your research. For perspective, research reveals that the quality of research and data entry depends on the ability of the person managing it!

Here's a list of research tasks your personal research assistant can handle skillfully in no time.

  • Data entry
  • Conduct market research
  • Research complex topics
  • Lead generation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Reporting

And much more.

But don't take our word for it. Hire a virtual assistant to enjoy the following benefits for your business.

Top benefits of hiring a virtual research assistant for your business

#1 Get accurate and organized insights

When you need a detail-oriented expert to handle your client and competitor research, outsource it to a market research assistant. They are well-trained professionals who are highly meticulous with their work.

Your VA can quickly get to work and produce amazing results using various research tools. What's more, since they have specialized skills, you can have them run competitor analysis, build contact lists, identify potential clients, conduct market surveys, and more.

If you're spending too much time finding insights about your target clients, it makes sense to hand it over to your virtual research assistant. Just let them know what information you're looking for. And they will extract and compile relevant insights into organized reports.

#2 Save time and costs

In between managing client expectations, planning your business strategy, meeting with potential clients, and other key business tasks, you might only get limited time to dedicate to market research activities.

A virtual assistant not only helps save time by working on such crucial yet repetitive tasks but actively improves the efficiency and quality of your research. Whether you want to better comprehend your customer's needs or identify new business opportunities, you have your virtual research assistant working on it! Besides, they're a much more affordable choice for your small business.

By hiring a research assistant online, you can also save a lot in terms of hiring, training, and overhead office costs. Since they work remotely on an hourly basis, you don't have to worry about monthly salaries or employee benefits.

Infographic showing the various reasons why businesses outsource to a virtual assistant


#3 Grow your business

A part of conducting client research is also understanding what your existing customers want and following up with them. From buying to channel preferences, you need to know it all.

But that will not be possible if you are not available to understand your existing customers or respond to their queries. Virtual research assistants take care of that skillfully. Your market research assistant will gather relevant customer data, track their behaviour, conduct surveys, and follow up with them regarding your business. Naturally, this will help you identify any gaps and use these insights to strengthen your research on potential clients.

#4 Boost productivity

Of course, you could choose to do all the research work yourself or even delegate it to an employee. But is it the best use of your time as a business owner? Probably not. So, it makes great sense to hire a research assistant who is not only aware of the processes but knows how to do it much more efficiently.

A skilled virtual assistant will rely on the right tools and have a detailed system in place to gather the information you need. On the other hand, since your team is relieved from working on such non-core tasks, they'll have more time to dedicate to their core competencies. Thus, increasing business productivity.

Looking for a virtual assistant? Try Wishup!

Hiring a research assistant offers distinct advantages to your business. And hiring the right one – the best fit for your business – can be a tricky matter. But not if you partner with Wishup!

We at Wishup connect you with over 500 dedicated professionals trained in over 200 skill sets. Virtual research assistants from Wishup are up for any task you hire them for, from gathering data on a niche market to collecting and organizing data of your potential clients; they've got it all.

And that's not even the end of it. Here are the various reasons why Wishup is your best virtual assistant service provider-

1. Partner with top talent

Worried if your virtual assistant will handle the complex research tasks efficiently? Not with Wishup. Wishup offers you an opportunity to work with the most talented professionals worldwide. Our skilled virtual assistants are among the top 1% of talent who are highly educated and well-trained to be the best at their job.

2. No interviews required

Hiring a new employee means going through the rigorous and time-consuming process of interviewing, onboarding, and training them. But when you decide to hire a personal online assistant with Wishup, you're hiring well-trained VAs who have gone through a strict screening process and thorough verification.

Moreover, all the VAs with us have already been pre-interviewed and vetted to make sure you only work with highly accomplished and experienced professionals.

3. 7-day trial with a money-back guarantee

Not sure if your hired virtual assistant will be the right fit for your business? Go for our 7-day free trial to see if our services are meant for you. If you're unsatisfied with our services, you can request a refund.

4. Replacement policy

The best part of partnering with Wishup is our easy replacement policy. If you're unhappy with the work of your virtual assistant or they are unavailable during an emergency, simply let us know, and we'll initiate instant replacement, no questions asked.

5. Maximum flexibility

Hiring a dedicated professional for business research tasks comes with its fair share of costs, including the inflexibility of having them working even during slow business seasons. Instead, you can onboard a virtual assistant part-time or full-time based on your project requirements.

Besides, since they get paid by the hour or per project, you save on the additional costs of hiring a full-time employee!

Hire from Wishup in 3 simple steps

infographic with the 3 simple steps to hire a virtual assistant

Step 1: Get on a free consultation call

Sign up with us and schedule a free consultation call with our customer success team. We will gather the necessary details about your business and the tasks you expect from your virtual assistant.

Step 2: Choose the best profile

Based on your business needs and preferences, our experts will choose the most qualified candidate from hundreds of profiles to pair you with the best fit. What's more, you can even interview the candidate to know more about their experience and qualifications.

Step 3: Onboard within 24 hours

Matched with the perfect candidate with the right skill set for your business? Onboard your virtual assistant within 24 hours. Since all our virtual assistants are pre-vetted and trained, you don't have to wait much longer to onboard them.

Get in-depth insights with a Virtual Assistant

Quality research can be a complicated task to handle alone. But, by recruiting a highly qualified virtual research assistant, you can conduct better market research and grow your business beyond its capabilities. And when you're on the hunt for a talented virtual assistant, connect with Wishup. Book a free consultation with our experts or mail us at [email protected].