Sales Managers are the lifeline of every business, as they are responsible for bringing the money in and keeping the business running. However, being a sales manager is complex and requires multiple skills and the ability to multitask.

With sales quotations to be sent, deliveries to be monitored, and invoicing follow-ups, there is a lot on the sales manager's plate. Unfortunately, some sales managers commit much time to routine tasks like answering customer queries, scheduling meetings, and sending follow-up and outreach emails, leaving less time on their hands to network with customers, develop sales strategies, and follow up on leads.


On top of all this, there is growing pressure to build and increase sales every month.

Sounds incredibly challenging, right?

How does one ensure the sales manager can fulfill his responsibilities efficiently while keeping the sales momentum?


You can hire a virtual assistant as a virtual sales administrator.

Outsourcing sales tasks to a virtual assistant for sales administration is one of the best ways to manage this effectively while enabling your sales team to produce better results.

Hiring a virtual assistant for sales administration aids in the conversion of leads and the acquisition of new clients. A virtual assistant for sales administration and other tasks is the best way to transfer minor but important time-consuming tasks and increase the efficiency of your sales team. In addition, it will help increase sales performance, thereby earning higher revenue for the organization.

Let's take an in-depth look at the profile of a virtual assistant for sales administration and how they can benefit your organization.

Who is a Virtual Assistant Sales Administrator?

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Sales administrators typically work in a fast-paced, sales-driven environment and report to the Sales Manager.

A virtual assistant for sales administration is generally responsible for tasks including processing the paperwork created by sales and setting up appointments to visit existing customers' sites. In addition, they process contracts from sales representatives and keep accurate customer information records, including addresses for correspondence, billing information, and product preferences.

A virtual sales administration assistant also ensures that goods are delivered to customers on time, keeps track of any site visits, and updates weekly records of sales figures. These numbers are then used to compare the company's revenue and sales goals. Finally, they are evaluated by higher management after being analyzed and compiled into reports.

Additionally, they are in charge of processing invoices, establishing bank or credit card payment accounts, and looking into past-due bills. A virtual sales admin can help you with recurring and tedious sales administration tasks.

Following are the key duties of a virtual sales administration assistant:

  • Data entry

Updating your database is critical for maintaining accurate records and avoiding mistakes. With the assistance of your VA, you can save time cleaning and updating your database.

  • Maintain your CRM

A virtual assistant with experience can handle customer requests and manage various CRM tools. It is less expensive to use a VA for this task than to hire an internal CRM expert because it is a minor one (depending on the volume of work).

  • Create and assist with sales reports

You can keep track of the situation for your sales team with the aid of performance reports. Here, assistants can assist in the creation of clear, concise reports by utilizing the information they regularly enter into CRM.

  • Provide excellent customer service

Keeping an existing customer costs 5 to 25 times less than finding new ones. Additionally, happy customers are prepared to pay more for excellent customer support. A virtual sales admin has the necessary experience to address problems, respond to inquiries, control frustrations, and boost customer satisfaction. Ask for their assistance to help you with pre- and post-sales transactions.

  • Set up appointments on your calendar

An excellent virtual assistant ensures you never run out of prospects to call. In addition, you can outsource calendar management work when hiring a Virtual Assistant for sales teams. Other calendar management tasks that Virtual Assistants can handle include rescheduling meetings booking new appointments, creating reminders and triggers, and so on. Delegating all this to a Virtual Assistant can be a game changer immediately.

  • Contact new leads

If your sales team is taking days to respond to leads, you'll need the assistance of a virtual assistant to send follow-ups promptly. To make your leads feel valued, give your VA training in pre-sales questions, email responses, and time management.

  • Look into your target market

You can hire a virtual assistant as a virtual sales administrator to research your target audience's market trends and demographics. You'll be more successful in closing deals with your prospects the more you understand them.

  • Manage leads across time zones

A sales manager has frequently hesitated to hold conference calls and meetings with clients living in different time zones. The good news is that a Virtual Assistant handles determining the time zone differences and the ideal time to make a call.

Therefore, whether you are meeting a prospect in the United States or elsewhere, you can now set up the meeting with confidence because your Virtual Assistant has scheduled the meeting for when it will be most convenient for you.

  • Lead generation and LinkedIn leads

Every sales strategy begins with leads. Even though there are a lot of excellent prospects for you out there, especially if your product or service is excellent, it takes much work to find them and attract them to your sales funnel. Lead generation is another service a virtual assistant can provide for you.

A fantastic way to free up time while generating many online leads is to hire a virtual assistant as a virtual sales administrator to build your connections, engage with others, create content, respond to requests, and interact with them. You can also get a client to prospect on platforms other than LinkedIn.

How can hiring Virtual Assistants as virtual sales administrator help Sales Managers?

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Increase your conversion rate

Your lead conversion rate will increase with additional assistance, and a strong sales funnel. This is because your virtual sales admin won't let any of your leads get lost in the shuffle from a lack of communication or follow-up.

Moreover, your sales virtual assistant can go a step further by connecting with your leads and prospects via your social media account and retaining them through engagement activities. The following are some of the daily tasks a sales virtual assistant assists a sales manager with:

  • Connecting with your leads on social media
  • Obtaining lead information from an email database
  • Connecting with these leads on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Liking posts
  • Making comments
  • Distributing content
  • Sending Direct Messages (only as needed)

Your sales manager only needs to show up for the sales call and close the deals while your sales virtual assistant can handle all the little details.

Happier sales team and employees

Sales professionals who excel at their jobs don't simply perform their duties out of necessity. They do it because they enjoy it. However, sometimes the joy they feel from meeting people, getting things done, serving clients, and other aspects of their role can be sucked away by the overwhelm.

Working with a Sales Virtual Assistant who can help with the overwhelm will restore that joy by allowing Sales Managers to focus on the aspects of their jobs that are most meaningful to them.


It's undoubtedly all about the bottom line if you see it from a sales perspective. So how can hiring a Wishup VA to assist you in sales significantly affects your bottom line? It begins by analyzing the price of a virtual sales admin.

Consider how much you are paying your local employee.

How much money do you spend on taxes and benefits?

One of the significant benefits is that you will not have to commit to a virtual assistant as you would to a full-time local employee. You do not have to pay benefits. You will not be charged anything to relocate them. You're just hiring someone on an hourly basis.  

That makes calculating the bottom line much easier as you assess the value of a virtual sales admin who can assist you in closing deals.


Do you realize how much you're committing to when you hire a local person full-time?

It can be a big step to jump right to hiring a full-time employee if you're unsure but want to increase the number of users in your Slack channel.

You can outsource your prospecting tasks without making a significant commitment when you use a sales virtual assistant. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hire cost is about $40.90 per hour, including unskilled workers who may know nothing about sales.

Some of the most common complaints of anyone looking to add to their team — one, the cost, and two, the investment required to bring on a new employee — have been washed away. When hidden costs such as employee benefits are considered, hiring a virtual assistant is an effortless way to add to your sales team.

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Improved retention

Remote employees are more motivated and productive than in-house employees because they work (and are paid) by the hour. In fact, the flexible work schedule will probably lead to a higher level of job satisfaction, which lowers the likelihood that your VA will leave. So, naturally, your business expands rapidly as employee retention increases.

Better Networking

With Virtual Assistants now handling day-to-day operations and ensuring that managers don't miss out on sales calls, sales managers now have the headspace and time to focus on their most valuable asset as sales professionals—their network.

To network with new people who might end up as potential clients or sales partners, they can go to conferences, meetups, and networking events or join a platform like Clubhouse.

An old saying says, "your network is your net worth." This statement might sound cliche, but it's true, especially for someone in sales.

So, now that you have a virtual sales admin, you can look for fellowships, clubs, Facebook groups, online communities, and other circles to broaden your reach. You can also spend some time making persona avatars of potential customers in a potential new market to network with them and eventually market your goods and services to them.

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New sales strategies

Sales is an ever-changing field, with new strategies, sales channels, tools, and tactics emerging every day. When you outsource time-consuming tasks, you free up time to continue learning.

Depending on how often you retool or upskill, your knowledge may be your competency or your cap. Reading more books, enrolling in more online courses, attending webinars, or hiring a mentor, allot more time to learning the newest sales trends. Leave the tactical work to a Virtual Assistant so you can give these learning opportunities your full attention.


When you collaborate with a lead generation virtual assistant, you can produce more valuable content that will benefit you, your department, and your business in generating more leads.

Participate in the development process and decide what lead magnets your team can create to generate leads and establish a connection with potential customers. Nobody else possesses the fundamental insight and client connections you do. Provide that insight when your company creates marketing materials and other tools so that the company's overall client acquisition process improves over time.

So hire a virtual assistant for sales administration assistant from Wishup today to increase sales!

Delegating time-consuming tasks to our virtual assistants will free up your resources so you can concentrate your energy on expanding your company. These tasks include everything related to the sales process – from generating leads to managing calendars. In addition, our virtual assistants are ready to manage your sales pipeline.


Our virtual assistant services provide the flexibility of full-time or part-time VAs based on your company's needs. The best part is that there are no overhead costs typically associated with traditional employees because our virtual assistance is entirely remote. In addition, our virtual assistants were hired from the top 1% of the global talent pool and are proficient in over 200 specialized skills.

Email us at [email protected] or schedule a free consultation with our team to hire a virtual assistant today!

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