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Inbox sorting

Your virtual assistants organize your Emails by importance and type. everything is neatly categorized, so you find what you need without searching.

Email filtering

Your assistant filters your messages, separating urgent Emails from the rest. they also notify you about emails that need your immediate attention.

Spam cleanup

Unwanted Emails disappear as your assistant diligently blocks spam and unsubscribes from irrelevant newsletters, keeping your inbox clean.

Rules and tags

They implement smart rules and tags that automatically sort incoming emails, ensuring your inbox stays organized with minimal effort from you.

Customer Interaction Management

Your assistant ensures that every customer feels heard by managing and replying to customer emails promptly. They can also escalate urgent matters to the appropriate internal teams, maintaining smooth communication flows.

Email Automation

Streamline your email workflows with the help of our assistants. They can set up automated responses, create email templates, and implement email sequences, saving you time and effort.

A look at our tools, tasks, and talent pool

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Email assistants to choose from


Email management tools mastered


Email tasks handled

Why choose a Wishup Email assistant?

Top 0.1% Talent

Our 6-step screening process lets us hire the top tier talent in the market.

Trained staff

Our VAs are pre-trained in 200+ skill sets and 70+ no-code tools, so you don't have to spend time and money on their training.

Easy replacements

With Wishup's instant replacement policy, you can change your virtual assistant whenever you want to without explaining anything.

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Everything you need to know

FAQs on our Email assistant services

An Email virtual assistant can manage various tasks such as sorting, labeling, replying on your behalf, prioritizing emails, marking spam, unsubscribing to unnecessary newsletters, applying mailbox rules, tagging, and more.

An Email Virtual assistant can start sorting your inbox in just 30 minutes. Once a virtual email assistant selected, they can start working immediately.

Virtual email assistants from Wishup are trained well for their technical skills and industry knowledge for ensuring to provide top-tier assistance. Moreover, email assistants on Wishup are having experience in over 20+ Email management tasks and an average of 5+ years of experience.

Absolutely! Wishup offers flexible hiring options. Pick the service duration that suits you best.

Our email virtual assistants are equipped with productivity trackers. These tools allow to monitor their work in real-time, ensuring transparency and efficiency by checking screentime and working tasks, giving peace of mind and control over delegated activities.

All our virtual assistants sign an NDA. This ensures that every assistant adheres to strict confidentiality standards, keeping your business information secure and private.

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