Our virtual research assistants help you make informed business decisions through reliable web data.


Why hire virtual research assistant?

Companies, organizations, startups, and professionals conduct online research to fetch the information they need to grow their business. Internet research is conducted to get various type of information it may be the statistical data of a niche market, background information about a company, contact information of a person or patent information on a subject. This information helps them drive, manage and grow their business. Internet research is a time taking the job and which requires expertise and a lot of effort. This is where our Virtual Research Assistant comes in who will take up this mundane and monotonous tasks working remotely. They will conduct the research according to the requirements of their clients and share the output after compilation.

What can our virtual research assistant do?

Travel research

Get the best and cheapest travel deals at hygienic and comfortable places suiting your needs with our research assistant.

Database research

Our research assistants will mine data from the web and organise them into a database and also regularly update it for you.

Influencer research

Stay up to date on the trends and influencers in your field and keep track of the most appropriate ones for your brand with our research assistants who will scan through thousands of profiles for you.

Trend research

Stay updated on the latest technological trends in your field and just add value to your knowledge with our virtual assistants who will constantly stay on the lookout.

Lead generation

Our research assistants will scan through online networking sites to find your business potentials and opportunities.

Web research

You can get quotes, reviews and comparisons of products to help you make the best buying decision.

Product and market research

Our research assistants will do all data research for marketing strategy and plans.

Research anything

Whether it is an experimental idea in your head or a specific kind of research task at your hand, our assistants are equipped for it. Go ahead and have a word with them!

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