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Get a qualified professional to handle key projects. Put your business on auto-pilot with a virtual project manager.

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Why Hire a Virtual Project Manager?

As a small business owner, you know the daily drill of juggling multiple responsibilities. When you have different people working on different projects, you need someone in charge who oversees the smooth functioning of it all.

Hire a virtual project manager and ensure every party finishes tasks on time. Your virtual project manager is much like an orchestra conductor that makes sure the entire team plays in unison. Allow them to have your entire team work in collaboration and see projects to fruition.
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What Can Our Virtual Project Managers Do?

  • Leading and coordinating the team – Your virtual project manager will track the progress of each individual, updating you on the team’s progress regularly.
  • Tracking budget – A virtual project manager will keep track of the budget and work in coordination with the finance unit.
  • Managing timelines – Always stay ahead of schedule as your virtual project manager manages timelines and monitors progress continuously.
  • Creating SOPs – After working on a project, your VA will know exactly how to handle similar projects in the future and best practices to follow. Task them with creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the benefit of anyone who works on such projects.

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How Can a Virtual Project Manager Benefit You?

  • Save time – Stop your race against time with a trained virtual project manager who will take the burden of managing projects off of your shoulders.
  • Bang for the buck – Pay your virtual project manager by the hour and get the maximum bang for your buck.
  • Save money – Can’t afford to hire full-time project managers? Hire a virtual project manager and save money on salaries and office equipment.
  • Make time for loved ones – Don’t grow your business at the expense of time with loved ones. Get more hours in a day as your project manager works for you. Enjoy family vacations and those important dinner-table conversations with your kids.

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