Social Media Assistant

Our social media assistants are web-mavericks who can bring you the traffic you want. They are the perfect combination of zealous and net-savvy.

Starts from $7 per hour

Why Choose a Virtual Social Media Assistant?

In an increasingly digital world, managing your brand’s social media image is both necessary but time-consuming. Instead of taking it upon yourself, hand it over to our Social Media Assistants who are adept at managing all things social.

Our Virtual Assistants maintain a solid digital presence for your business, equipping it with the latest tools and technology. Your VA can write catchy SEO- friendly content, maintain a regular posting schedule, and keep your brand ahead on the web.

Social: Get Everything Done

Account Set Up

Get your account set up to go live and target your audience with the right social media assistance.

Catchy Posts

Our social media assistants know how to create the catchy and relevant posts for your brand.

Content Research

Find out what kind of content is faring well by getting your social media assistant to do online keyword research.

Content Scheduling

Get your content planned and scheduled for social media engagement.

Profile Management

Manage multiple profiles on various social media platforms and constantly engage with the web.

Trend Research

Stay updated on the current trends in your industry and come up with newer social media posts or blog ideas through our social media assistants.

Campaign Management

Manage your various campaigns and stay updated on the campaign statistics through our social media assistants.

View Analytics

Analyse your web presence, current traffic, user engagement and other things with our social media assistants.

Benefits for you


Maximum Traffic & Engagement

Our team of experienced Virtual assistants targets high yielding keywords and audience to your website, blog, campaign and other social media efforts.


Expert advice

Your VA will drive your campaign, utilizing shared knowledge gained after working on numerous projects.


More Productivity

Our team of social media assistants is experienced and equipped with the knowledge to bring you greater traffic. We design attractive and high click rate images.


Time Bounty

Our social media assistants can be a great time saver as you can simply delegate recurrent tasks to them and be carefree about it.

Looks like the kind of of person you want to work with?

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We offer flexible monthly plans to fit any workload.

Starting from $7 per hour

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Niels Van De Bergh

Growth Consultant

First I was skeptical about the whole VA game. But when I started my trial at Wishup this completely changed. Now I can really feel the value (and power!) a VA can have. The VA's of Wishup are very understanding and well trained and would recommend the service to any entrepreneur who seeks an extra pair of hands! Cheers!

Andrew McDermott

Full - Time Traveller Founder, Convia Media

I couldn't be more thrilled with my Wishup VA! It took me a few weeks to get the time to organize the work to assign initially, but it's been the best business decision for me this year. I was really surprised by the variety of disciplines that Wishup VAs are experienced in and able to execute on. I feel my sanity coming back & productivity increasing exponentially.

Pranay Gupta

Co-Founder 91 Springboards

Professional, trustworthy, and competent is how I would describe Virtual Assistants at Wishup. In just a few months, they’ve really impressed me with their services and made my life much easier. I have been able to delegate lots of administrative work and have a good amount of time to work on other serious concerns. I will highly recommend the services provided by Wishup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Virtual Assistant is a smart and experienced professional. They are qualified and rigorously trained in-house, for a month, on over 50 business and executive related tasks.

Your Virtual Assistants are available Monday - Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM IST

Each of our plans includes a dedicated Virtual Assistant (VA). You will work with your VA on a one-on-one basis, directly assigning tasks to them. Your VA will gradually get to know you, your work, and your preferences—all while learning to anticipate your needs. They schedule their days to best serve you and your tasks without delay. As such, we do not offer immediate turnaround, though we expect most tasks to be completed in 24-48 hours. We encourage you to place priority levels and deadlines on your projects.

Firstly, welcome aboard! We will start locating the best VA for you, using the information you’ve shared during the signup process. After we’ve determined which of our team members would be the best fit for your needs—we’ll send an email connecting the two of you. We suggest hopping on a quick call soon after. We aim to introduce you to your VA within 2 business days of signing up.

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