Virtual Executive Assistant

Hire a virtual executive and never spend time on daily admin tasks again.

Why Hire a Virtual Executive Assistant?

There’s no reason for entrepreneurs to field calls, respond to emails, and spend time on administrative duties every day. After all, your primary job is to grow your business, not entertain the chaos your work life is. Hire a virtual executive assistant to take care of daily admin work for your business and channel your focus into growing your business.
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What Can Our Virtual Executive Assistants Do?

  • General administration – Task your virtual executive assistant with performing daily administrative tasks that take up too much of your time.
  • Email management – Get your inbox organized and free from clutter with the services of a professional virtual executive assistant.
  • Transcribing voice memos, conference calls – Never worry about forgetting the important details of a meeting. Your virtual executive assistant will carefully take notes and prepare organized minutes and notes.
  • Answering phone calls – Have your virtual executive assistant answer all incoming calls and direct only the important ones to you.
  • Web research – Our virtual executive assistants are skilled at conducting in-depth research online and presenting their findings in a succinct manner.
  • Managing social media handles – Don’t have the time to post daily updates on your social media? Use our virtual executive assistants to manage your social media presence in a regular and timely fashion.

How Can a Virtual Executive Assistant Benefit You?

  • Stay organized – Because your virtual executive assistant takes care of your daily calls, emails, and meetings, you don’t have to waste a second organizing your work life.
  • Save time - Virtual executive assistants take care of routine business tasks, leaving you with more time to focus on your actual business. Hire a virtual executive assistant to get more hours in your day.
  • Save money – You pay our virtual executive assistants based on the scope of work and the number of hours they work. This means you don’t spend a huge amount on monthly salaries and benefits. Hire a virtual executive assistant to start saving money!