How Do You Customize Your Slack Notification Settings?

Discover the ins and outs of tailoring Slack notifications to suit your workflow. From managing sound alerts to setting your DND preferences, learn how to personalize your Slack notifications for optimum productivity.

Customize Your Slack Notification Settings
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Slack is an essential communication tool in today's busy work environment. But with the non-stop influx of messages, it can get challenging to create a balance between staying informed and not getting overwhelmed. Fortunately, Slack has a variety of notification settings that you can customize as per your needs.

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We've all experienced that frustration of being knee-deep into a task when a notification grabs your attention. However, Slack's customizable settings can come to the rescue. By exploring your workspace settings, you can customize Slack notifications to match your workflow. Identify the important channels or discussions, set specific alerts, and ensure you're always in the know without unnecessary interruptions.

In this guide, we will discuss the different ways to customize your Slack notifications. From helping you turn off Slack notifications to telling you how to silence Slack notifications for a specific period, we will discuss everything. Read on!

Slack Notifications Basics

Slack notifications are vital for staying connected on the platform. They keep you updated on messages, mentions, and workspace updates. These notifications act as friendly taps on the shoulder, making sure you don't miss important conversations. They come in different forms, such as sound alerts, visuals, and mobile push notifications, all designed to get your attention in various ways.

To understand these notifications better, explore the customization options. You have the power to adjust what and how you're notified. This allows you to prioritize channels, discussions, or specific keywords, ensuring you're only alerted when it's relevant to you. Moreover, you can set do-not-disturb hours on Slack, which mutes notifications during specific periods. By mastering these basics, you'll increase your productivity and effectively manage your attention in the busy digital landscape of Slack.

Creating Notification Triggers

By default, Slack will notify you about direct messages, mentions, and keywords. However, you can customize these notifications even further based on your preferences.

Whether you want to receive alerts for all new messages or prefer a quieter experience with fewer interruptions, you have the power to tailor your notification preferences. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create notification triggers in Slack:

  • To access notification settings on a desktop, click on your profile picture in the sidebar and select "Preferences."
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  • On an iOS device, tap your profile picture in the Slack app, while on Android, tap your profile picture.
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  • In Preferences, go to the "Notify me about" section to choose your preferred notification triggers, like mentions, keywords, or all new messages.
How Do You Customize Your Slack Notification Settings?
  • To customize notification triggers for mobile, select "Use different settings for my mobile devices" and choose your preferred notification preference from the drop-down menu.
How Do You Customize Your Slack Notification Settings?
  • If you want to disable thread notifications, uncheck the box next to this option: "Notify me about replies to threads I'm following."
How Do You Customize Your Slack Notification Settings?

Setting up Keyword Notifications

When you turn on Slack notifications using a specific keyword, you can filter out unnecessary information and prioritize what's important. Customized alerts for specific words or phrases ensure that you receive timely updates on vital conversations without getting overwhelmed by irrelevant noise.

Here's how to turn on Slack notifications for specific keywords:

  • Click on your profile picture.
  • From the menu, select "Preferences."
How Do You Customize Your Slack Notification Settings?

  • In the Preferences menu, go to "Notifications."
  • Scroll down to "My Keywords" and enter the specific words or phrases you want to receive alerts for.
How Do You Customize Your Slack Notification Settings?
  • Choose the type of notification (such as banner, sound, or both) for your keyword alerts.
  • Don't forget to save your changes to activate the keyword notifications.

Scheduling Notifications

Knowing how to pause Slack notifications when you are busy is the key to efficiency and productivity. By scheduling notifications, you can customize your Slack experience and ensure that you are not disturbed during designated hours, promoting a more productive workflow and improved concentration.

Here are the steps for the same:

How Do You Customize Your Slack Notification Settings?
  • Start by clicking on your profile picture.
  • Hover over the "Pause notifications" option and select "Set a notification schedule" from the menu.
  • Below the "Allow notifications" section, open the drop-down menu and choose one of the following options: "Every day," "Weekdays," or "Customize."
How Do You Customize Your Slack Notification Settings?
  • Next, select a start and end time for your notifications.
  • Your settings will be saved automatically, so simply click on the close icon when done.

Adjusting Notification Sound and Appearance

Want to make your Slack experience even better? Look no further than customizing your notification sounds and appearance. A few changes will help you create alerts that are tailored to your liking. 


  • On your iOS device, open Slack and click on your profile picture present at the top of your screen.
  • Next, tap on "Notifications".
  • Then, tap on the "Sound" option.
  • Finally, select your desired preference.


  • On your Windows device, click on your profile picture in the sidebar.
  • Next, choose "Preferences" from the menu that appears.
  • Scroll down until you find "Sound & appearance" and click on it.
  • If you want, you can check the box to include a message preview in each notification or mute all sounds from Slack.
  • Finally, customize your notification settings by selecting options from the drop-down menus for each notification type.


  • Click on your profile picture at the top of your screen.
  • Next, select "Notifications".
  • From there, tap on "System options."
  • Then, tap on "Sound".
  • Choose your preferred sound, and don't forget to tap Save to confirm your selection.

Managing Notifications for Channels and Groups

How Do You Customize Your Slack Notification Settings?

Managing notifications for channels and groups in Slack is key to staying in the know about important updates, all while keeping distractions to a minimum. By customizing these settings, you can participate actively in specific discussions without being bombarded by constant alerts.

Access Channel or Group Settings

Find the channel's or group's name and give it a click. This will open up a dropdown menu with some options for you.

Adjust Your Notification Preferences

Now, go to the dropdown menu and choose "More." Then, select "Notification preferences." A new window will pop up for you, allowing you to customize your notification settings for that channel.

Customize Notifications

Once in the Notification preferences window, adjust your settings to fit your preferences. You can select to get notified for all messages, just direct mentions, or nothing.

Managing Mobile Notifications

By default, you will get mobile notifications either one minute after you lock your desktop screen or ten minutes after Slack doesn't detect any cursor activity. However, if you want to customize or manage these settings, Slack allows you to do so.

Here's how to pause notifications on Slack or do other customizations:

  • Open Slack on your mobile and click on your profile picture.
  • After that, select "Notifications."
  • Click on the option "Notify me on mobile."
  • Select the timing for your mobile notifications and click "Save."

Managing Email Notifications

Did you know you can manage your email notifications in Slack? This awesome feature helps you stay up-to-date on important conversations and updates, even when you're not actively using the platform. By customizing these settings, you can make sure you receive the relevant information directly in your inbox without feeling overwhelmed. Here are the steps:

  • Start the process by clicking on your profile picture in the sidebar.
  • Look for the menu that appears and choose "Preferences."
  • Within the preferences menu, you'll find an option titled "When I'm not active on desktop." Here, you can select whether or not you want to receive email notifications for mentions and direct messages.
  • If you decide to receive these notifications, you can also specify how frequently you'd like to receive them. Tick or untick the appropriate box and make your preferred selection.

Use Do Not Disturb (DND) to carve out focused time

How Do You Customize Your Slack Notification Settings?

Using the "Do Not Disturb" (DND) feature in Slack is a great way to create uninterrupted blocks of time for focused work or relaxation. Turning on DND allows you to set specific periods when Slack notifications are silenced.

Here's how to turn off Slack notifications with DND:

  • Just tap on your profile picture, then tap on "Pause notifications."
  • You can choose a timeframe from the provided list or tap on "Custom" to set your timeframe.

Configuring Slack Notifications: Best Tips

  • Channel Prioritization: To stay well-informed without feeling overwhelmed, it's important to identify the most important channels for your role or projects. Once you've done that, set specific notifications for these channels and prioritize alerts for critical updates. Use Slack's muted channels feature to silence unimportant channels.
  • Keyword Alerts: Use Slack's keyword alert feature to filter notifications based on specific terms or phrases relevant to your responsibilities or interests. By doing so, you'll only receive notifications when discussions include these keywords, reducing unnecessary interruptions.
  • Scheduled Quiet Time: Take advantage of the 'Do Not Disturb' feature to create uninterrupted periods of focus. Schedule specific times to mute notifications, providing dedicated time for deep work, meetings, or personal activities.
  • Review and Fine-Tune: Make it a habit to review and modify your Slack pause notifications settings regularly. As your workflows or projects change, go back to your preferences to ensure the notifications align with what you need.
  • Educate Your Team: Encourage your team to optimize their notification settings too. Setting shared norms for notifications boosts communication efficiency and minimizes unnecessary interruptions.

Virtual Assistance for Collaboration and Notification Management

virtual assistants benefits

A VAin top plays a crucial role in making workflows more efficient, boosting productivity, and helping with communication through platforms like Slack. Here's a quick rundown of the tasks that a virtual assistant can handle when it comes to customizing Slack notification settings:

  • Guide in accessing Slack preferences for notifications: Assist in navigating Slack's interface to access notification settings, ensuring the user is familiar with the layout and options available.
  • Customize channel-specific and keyword notifications: VAs can ensure users receive relevant notifications and minimize distractions by configuring alerts for specific channels or keywords.
  • Set up personalized "Do Not Disturb" hours: Collaborate to establish customized 'Do Not Disturb' hours, allowing uninterrupted focus time tailored to individual schedules.
  • Assist in choosing delivery preferences for devices: You can hire a VA to get assistance with choosing and configuring notification delivery preferences across various devices (desktop, mobile, tablet).
  • Customize notification sounds and visual indicators: VAs can guide users in customizing notification sounds and visual cues to align with their preferences and working environment.
  • Enable unique sounds for specific channels: They can help configure unique notification sounds for specific channels, making it easier to distinguish important alerts from regular messages.
  • Customize mobile app notification preferences: They can assist in fine-tuning mobile app notification settings to ensure seamless communication while on the go.
  • Test and preview notification settings: Assist users in testing notification configurations to confirm their proper functionality before implementation, thereby avoiding any possible disturbances.
  • Provide ongoing support for updates and adjustments: Provide ongoing support for updates or modifications to Slack's notification settings, guaranteeing users are informed and their preferences are consistently optimized.
  • Troubleshoot issues with customized settings: VAs can address and troubleshoot any issues users encounter with their customized notification settings, ensuring a smooth experience.
  • Stay informed about new Slack features: VAs can help you stay updated on new features in Slack and offer advice on how to make the most of them for better notification control.
  • Offer brief training on effective notification management: They can provide guidance and short tutorials to users on effectively managing notifications for enhanced productivity and focus.
  • Collaborate on creating a standardized team approach: They can help develop standardized notification settings for teams to create consistency and streamline communication.
  • Ensure documentation of changes in settings: VAs can ensure that any changes made to notification settings are documented for future reference or training.
  • Optimize notifications for team collaboration: VAs can work together with teams to enhance notifications for smooth collaboration, ensuring everyone is informed and focused without being overwhelmed.
  • Troubleshoot technical issues related to notifications: They can address technical issues related to notifications promptly, ensuring uninterrupted communication.
  • Provide insights into advanced customization features: Assist in utilizing the advanced customization options in Slack to create personalized notification experiences.
  • Monitor trends for continuous improvement: They can monitor usage trends and gather user feedback on notification settings to suggest improvements for enhanced user experiences.
  • Collaborate on refining settings for efficiency: VAs will regularly update and customize notification settings to match changing workflows and personal preferences.
  • Generate insights on the impact of personalized notifications: A virtual assistant can collect data and insights on the impact of personalized notifications on productivity and communication efficiency in the workplace. This offers valuable information for future improvements.

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FAQs: Customize Slack Notifications

How do I set channel-specific notifications in Slack?

To customize Slack notifications for specific channels, simply click on the channel name, choose "Channel details," and adjust your notification preferences using the bell icon. This handy feature helps you stay informed about important discussions without being bombarded by notifications from all channels.

How do I optimize Slack notifications?

To optimize notifications, access "Preferences" from your profile, navigate to "Notifications," and tailor alerts based on mentions, keywords, or specific channels. Customize notification types for different devices for a seamless experience.

How do I schedule notifications in Slack?

For scheduling notifications in Slack, access your profile, choose "Preferences," then "Notifications." Under "Do Not Disturb," set quiet hours by defining specific days and times for muted notifications, enabling uninterrupted focus or relaxation.