How a Virtual Assistant can help you build your E-commerce website

Every business begins on a light note, as it takes time to progress from the liminal stage. However, e-commerce business owners closely face challenging situations as their business grows. Tasks keep mounting as the clients and inventory list grow. An e-commerce virtual assistant can help.

How a Virtual Assistant can help you build your E-commerce website
"Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do."
– Jessica Jackley, Businesswoman

Are you looking for help with your virtual e-commerce store? Then, you have landed at the right place.

Every business begins on a light note, as it takes time to progress from the liminal stage. However, e-commerce business owners closely face challenging situations as their business grows.

From inventory management to client interaction, every big and small task falls on their shoulders. Moreover, these tasks keep mounting as the clients and inventory list grow.

The need of the hour is an online store assistant you can trust with all responsibilities.


The best solution, in this case, is to hire an ecommerce virtual assistant. But how do you figure out who is the right person to manage my store?

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you start with limited resources and require expert VAs who can develop practical and quick solutions. So, when looking for an online store assistant, you must tick some parameters and consider crucial factors relevant to your business.

Who is an Ecommerce Virtual Assistant?

The first step is understanding who fits the e-commerce assistant description perfectly.

Smoothly conducting an e-commerce business requires you to take care of logistics, order management and processing, inventories, tracking an order, and much more. Ecommerce virtual assistants handle these tasks on your behalf.

They work as remote contractors who manage your business operations so you can use your valuable time on core business-related activities.

A Shopify virtual assistant must be skilled and highly proficient, a specialist who understands your e-commerce business. In addition, the ideal candidate should be able to deliver comprehensive e-commerce solutions and highly-functional services.

Now that you have an idea about who you want to work with and manage my store, you must be wondering about the services a Shopify virtual assistant can provide you.

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How does an ecommerce virtual assistant work?

An ecommerce virtual assistant's role is similar to that of a regular office assistant. They help with routine administrative tasks and manage the backend work of the company.

The only difference is that, unlike an in-house assistant, they work remotely. However, their productivity is still maintained. Moreover, since Shopify assistants get to pick their work timings, they work at hours they feel most productive, which positively impacts the quality of their work.

You will need to establish a solid mode of communication with your Shopify assistants, as staying in touch and being available when working in a remote environment are essential.

Decide a mutually convenient time in the day, and have a 15-20 minute chat discussing the work that needs to be done for the day. This will eliminate unnecessary calls and messages from them for the rest of the day and ensure that there are no miscommunications and that your work goes smoothly.

What Does An Ecommerce Assistant Do?

You can delegate many tasks to an online store assistant, especially those that do not directly require your involvement. The task delegation also depends on the type of business or entrepreneurs.

Website Management

The first introduction of a potential client with your eStore decides a lot on the front - whether it will be a conversion or not. According to a report of The Daily Stat by Harvard Business Review, 36% of conversions happen through company websites. So it leads us to the importance of a regularly updated website.

Generally, entrepreneurs prefer collaborating with professional or experienced web designers to develop a web store. But the job is not finished after this as they are always thinking about who will manage my store. After setting up a store, you need to ensure that all the updates are timely uploaded.

You can hire a virtual ecommerce assistant to ensure that everything is regularly updated. You must also work on adding new web pages and rectifying any previously-made mistakes.

Additionally, your website needs to be optimized with the right SEO keywords, and a virtual website assistant can help you with e-commerce SEO services.

Finally, there are techniques to improve conversion rates, such as implementing data-driven changes. Again, a virtual ecommerce assistant helps you sort out all these things.

Processing the Orders

The basics of handling an e-commerce store involve order processing. It is a recurring task that happens daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your business requirements. An ecommerce virtual assistant is ideal for managing orders, shipments, and releasing invoices.

Depending on your platform, you could hire a Shopify virtual assistant or hire an amazon assistant to help you with order processing.

Product Sourcing and Research

If your store features trending products, it will likely attract more customers. Having relevant stock also helps to increase audience engagement. An amazon virtual assistant assists you with product research and suggests the products you can add to your web store. A Shopify assistant can also do market research, swivel through web pages, and collect helpful information.

Managing Inventories

Inventory management is essential as you must achieve a delicate inventory balance - not facing an excessive surplus or shortage at any point. When you hire an amazon assistant, they can help you with this task.

E-commerce store owners often go through challenges like these, which may transform into huge losses. An Amazon virtual ecommerce assistant can help you avoid this by checking your inventory. This way, you can also save warehousing costs by not keeping large amounts of unnecessary stock.

Inventory management is time-consuming and prone to mistakes because it requires you to work with details. An Amazon virtual assistant knows how to process the data. They have experience in quickly fitting all things into the right places without a miss.

Product Listing

Creating long product lists is another recurring task that a Shopify assistant can brilliantly handle. Listings involve many subordinate tasks like uploading product titles, optimizing and updating them, and fixing prices and labels.

These tasks can take hours due to the detailing involved in them. You can save time by handing them over to a virtual ecommerce assistant and instead focusing on other growth activities.

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Writing Product Descriptions

A well-crafted product description is one of the key factors behind a successful product or service. Product descriptions are short but take time as they include more than just product information. Your business needs to pop up on your audience's search engines when they search for products in your niche.

The way to achieve that is through e-commerce SEO services. An e-commerce SEO expert knows how to create a product description that complies with the latest SEO trends and catches the target audience's attention simultaneously.

You can enjoy a dual advantage this way - getting audience engagement and better google rankings. Looking at Statista estimates, there are 2.14 billion online shoppers worldwide. Just imagine the scale at which you can benefit from good e-commerce SEO.

Where To Find An E-Commerce Virtual Assistant?

After knowing the benefits of having an E-commerce virtual assistant, you better prepare to hire an amazon assistant. But what are the options for hiring an Amazon virtual assistant?

Searching Freelance Marketplaces

You can check some good freelance marketplaces like Upwork, iFreelance, Jungle Scout Market, etc. Most websites are simple to use and require you to publish a job description. The notification reaches relevant candidates who connect with you.

You can also post on LinkedIn, a top-rated hiring network. Here you can directly send a LinkedIn connection message to the e-commerce SEO expert best suited to your needs.

Connecting With An Agency

Various agencies provide business owners with virtual staff. It is an option worth exploring if you want to save on costs and time. In addition, virtual assistance companies like Wishup are trustworthy when you are looking to hire an Amazon virtual assistant.

You can start with a free consultation and hire a trained e-commerce professional in less than 24 hours. Additionally, the training these companies provide to the professionals is a bonus, as you can directly start with task delegation without additional training.

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Hiring e-commerce SEO services through an agency is also cost-effective. There is no consultation fee, and you pay for the assistance hourly.

Things To Consider Before You Hire An Amazon Assistant

You must think that most items seem sorted at this point. You are right! But hiring a virtual assistant for an e-commerce store takes a lot of work. So here are some additional factors to consider before finalizing your virtual assistant.

Check If the Amazon Assistant can handle multiple tasks

An e-commerce assistant must be able to handle multiple tasks. So many small, detail-orientated tasks need to be completed by an individual so that an e-commerce business functions smoothly.

Therefore, the ideal Amazon virtual assistant should have a diverse skillset. A virtual e-commerce assistant can manage your store only when they have immense experience. For example, they must have prior experience in managing inventory spreadsheets.

Knowledge Of ERP And Other Tools

To manage orders and inventory, an ideal Amazon virtual assistant must know ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software. Ask questions about the specific ERP that you use for your eStore.

If the candidate successfully answers these questions, it is an added advantage for you. In addition, an e-commerce assistant must be acquainted with multiple ERP tools.

Try To Gauge Their Adaptability

An e-commerce SEO expert must be able to absorb the information they come across. There is a lot to process while handling an e-commerce store. In addition, they must know how to adapt to new research and guidelines.

A virtual assistant should also have a proficient knowledge of SEO. The basics of optimization can go a long way when it comes to writing product descriptions. SEO-friendly descriptions can help your store stand out in the market.

You can look at their portfolio to know if a particular candidate from the e-commerce SEO services agency has the aptitude to learn and absorb more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can an e-commerce assistant help your business?

An e-commerce assistant can provide backend support and help with strategy without overspending your budget. They are efficient, trustworthy, and dedicated e-commerce experts that can help your business grow and thrive.

How long will my e-commerce assistant work for?

Depending on your workload, you can subscribe to a 4-hour or 8-hour package. These subscriptions can easily be altered later in the future.

What if my e-commerce assistant is unavailable?

While it's very unlikely that your e-commerce assistant will be unavailable without prior notice, emergencies are unavoidable. This is why we have a no-questions-asked instant replacement policy when your primary assistant is unavailable for work.


Want to scale your business? Hire an e-commerce assistant now!

There has been a significant shift to online retail recently, and you're missing out if you haven't jumped on the e-commerce bandwagon yet.

An Amazon virtual assistant is just what you need to help you set up and manage your e-commerce business and grow your business exponentially. This is how an exemplary business works: when you get the right help, you can grow unstoppably!

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