What is Mailchimp's Landing Page Feature, and how do You Create One?

Learn step-by-step instructions to design, customize, and publish pages that drive conversions. Ready to elevate your marketing game with Mailchimp's landing page features?

Mailchimp's Landing Page Feature, and how do You Create One

Mailchimp isn't just for managing email lists; it's a pro at that, though. You can organize contacts in many ways and run campaigns based on how people interact with your site and emails. 

But guess what? Mailchimp can also help you whip up landing pages. It's super useful when you're expanding your email lists and promoting specific goals.

With Mailchimp's awesome tools, you can create landing pages that really grab your audience's attention and keep them scrolling. Your audience is ready and waiting, so with these ideas, you're about to be everyone's favorite. 

Ready to dive in to understand how to build a landing page?

how mailchimp can help your business grow

What is a Mailchimp Landing Page?

A Mailchimp Landing Page is like a standalone web page that people reach by clicking a link in an email, ad, social post, or somewhere online. It's a tool that marketers use to reach specific goals quickly.

With Mailchimp's landing pages, you can expand your audience and showcase products or services. Once you publish them, these pages are easy to share online or include in other Mailchimp campaigns, bringing in traffic right away. 

Plus, you can tag anyone if your page has a signup form. It's all smoothly integrated into Mailchimp's full marketing toolkit to help you how to create landing pages.

What are Landing Pages For?

Landing pages serve various purposes to boost sales and gather leads in specific situations. They shine in scenarios like PPC advertising, lead magnets, attention focus, attracting diverse customers, and easy testing.

Image describing the importance of landing pages


In PPC advertising, a dedicated landing page linked to a specific ad ranks higher on Google, making it ideal for showcasing exclusive products or targeting customers with specific price preferences.

For lead magnets, where a form gates valuable content, creating a landing page focused on content, forms, and keywords helps generate leads. Lead magnets can be webinars, eBooks, free samples, or task-oriented guides.

Landing pages focus visitors' attention on specific content, guide them to complete a call to action, or encourage them to explore further.

Also, Custom landing pages can attract different customer types by tailoring content, style, advertising, and offers based on location, demographics, or preferences.

The simplicity of a landing page makes testing easy. Regular copy, voice, media, and keyword testing ensures it remains compelling and user-friendly. Personalizing content for leads often boosts conversion rates.

How to Create a Landing Page in Mailchimp?

Here's how to create a landing page in Mailchimp:

Accessing the Mailchimp Dashboard

Mailchimp comes with its own simple landing page builder. You must create a new "landing page campaign" in Mailchimp and tweak it to suit your style.

Image describing the Mailchimp dashboard 


Log in to your Mailchimp account, head to Campaigns, and click All Campaigns on the left. Easy as that!

To find the Landing Page Section, click on "Landing Pages" from the options. Once there, choose "Create A Landing Page," you'll be guided to the creation wizard to start building your page campaign. Simple as that.

Choosing a Template or Starting from Scratch

Now, pick one of the MailChimp landing page templates or start from scratch. You can choose a template tailored for subscribers or product promotion and add a Signup Form or product block to any layout. Ready to design your page? While you can't build from scratch, there are some straightforward templates.

Customizing the Landing Page Content and Design

Now comes the fun part—customize your landing page content and design. Tweak it to match your style and make it stand out. Play around with the elements until it looks suitable for your audience—it's time to make it yours uniquely.

Adding Forms and Call-to-Action Buttons

Add forms and call-to-action buttons to connect with your audience and guide them to do what you want—making your page interactive boosts your visitors' experience. With Mailchimp, you can smoothly embed forms, surveys, quizzes, and more to make it happen. 

Customize your Mailchimp templates to match your goals and encourage visitors to join. Imagine if you're an e-commerce brand; a quiz could help users find the perfect product.

Integrating with Email Campaigns

First, to create a Mailchimp campaign, you need an audience. If you still need contacts, whip up a signup form and start building your crew.

Image describing how the landing page integration with email works 


Connect your landing page. Sync up those products and customer data to ensure your campaigns hit the right audience, boosting your chances to sell more stuff.

Previewing and Testing the Landing Page

  • Go to the Social Share Preview section in the landing page builder and click Edit Preview
  • In the Social Share Title and Description fields, type in the text you want in your social post previews
  • Watch the preview update in real time to see how it'll look when shared
  • Click Upload Image to add a logo or image from the content studio
  • If there's already an image, you can Replace or Remove it
  • Remember, aim for an image size of at least 200-by-200 pixels, or go bigger for crisp display on high-res devices (1200-by-630 pixels is great). Keep the file size under 8 MB
  • When it's all set, hit Save

This is an important step in understanding how to create a landing page in Mailchimp.

Publishing the Landing Page and Obtaining the URL

Hit the Publish button when you're ready to make your page live.

Remember, your page is on the web after publishing but has yet to be visible to everyone. You'll need to share the link. As people start visiting and signing up or making purchases, we'll gather all the juicy report data for you.

Analyzing Performance Metrics

Keep an eye on how it converts—look for high subscription rates or more cash flowing in. Once you have the data, use it to tweak your design or amp up your promotion.

To check out the report:

  • Click Analytics, then hit Reports
  • Now, click on the Landing Pages
  • Choose the report you want by clicking its name

Skip the Hassle: Outsource it to a Virtual Assistant Instead

If the above steps sound too much to do alone, we have a solution for you. At Wishup, you can hire a qualified virtual assistant to create the landing page from scratch. 

Expertise in Landing Page Design and Optimization

If crafting landing pages feels like navigating a maze, fret not. With Wishup's virtual assistant, you tap into a pool of expertise dedicated to creating top-notch designs and optimizing them for maximum impact.

Time and Resource Savings

Feeling the time crunch? Wishup's virtual assistant is your time-saving hero. Let them handle the landing page creation while you focus on what truly matters—growing your business and savoring that extra free time.

Consistent and Professional Design Across Campaigns

You don’t have to face any design dilemmas now. Wishup's virtual assistant ensures a uniform and professional look for all your campaigns, making your brand shine consistently across the digital landscape.

Targeted Audience Research for Optimized Content

No more shooting in the dark. Wishup's virtual assistant dives into targeted audience research, ensuring your landing page content hits the bullseye, resonating with the right people, and boosting your conversion game.

Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

Set it and forget it? Not anymore. Wishup's virtual assistant provides continuous monitoring and optimization, making sure your landing page stays fresh, relevant, and in tune with the ever-evolving digital trends.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Worried about your budget? Wishup's virtual assistant brings cost-effective solutions, producing professional results and spending a lot of money. It's a win-win for your business and your wallet.

Other Mailchimp Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do for You

Now, don’t worry. Your Wishup virtual assistant is not just skilled in setting up MailChimp landing pages. They can do much more for you. Let’s see what they are:

Email Campaign Setup and Management

You don’t have to worry about the email campaign headaches anymore. Your Wishup virtual assistant is a pro at setting up and managing campaigns, ensuring your messages hit the right inbox at the right time for maximum impact.

List Building and Segmentation

Building a solid email list is a breeze with Wishup. Your virtual assistant will help you grow your list and segment it strategically, ensuring tailored communication for different audience segments.

Subscriber Engagement Tracking and Analysis

How are your subscribers reacting? Wishup's got it covered. Your virtual assistant will track and analyze engagement, providing insights to fine-tune your approach for better results.

A/B Testing Execution and Analysis

Don't guess what works, test it. Your virtual assistant will execute A/B tests, analyze the results, and help you understand what resonates best with your audience for future campaign success.

Unsubscribe Management

Keep your list clean and engaged. Your virtual assistant manages unsubscribe management, ensuring subscribers receive the content they want while maintaining a healthy email list.

Design and Optimization of Email Templates

Make your emails visually appealing. Wishup's virtual assistant handles the design and optimization of email templates, ensuring your messages look great and convert effectively.

Schedule and Send Email Campaigns

No need to set alarms. Your virtual assistant schedules and sends email campaigns at optimal times, ensuring your messages reach your audience when they're most likely to engage.

Reporting and Analytics

Dive into the numbers without the headache. Your virtual assistant provides comprehensive reporting and analytics, clearly understanding your campaign performance and areas for improvement.

Integration with CRM and Marketing Tools

Streamline your processes. Your virtual assistant seamlessly integrates Mailchimp with your CRM and other marketing tools, ensuring smooth data flow and enhanced efficiency.

Social Media Integration for Cross-Channel Campaigns

Expand your reach. Your virtual assistant integrates Mailchimp with your social media platforms, creating cohesive cross-channel campaigns that amplify your message across different platforms.

Competitor Analysis and Market Research

Stay ahead of the game. Your virtual assistant conducts competitor analysis and market research, providing valuable insights to fine-tune your strategies and stay competitive in your industry.

Email Marketing Training and Support

Need a Mailchimp guru by your side? Your virtual assistant offers email marketing training and ongoing support, empowering you to navigate Mailchimp and achieve your marketing goals confidently.

Why is Wishup the best place to hire a Virtual Assistant?

So, are you convinced yet? If not, here’s why you must choose Wishup to hire your next Virtual Assistant on how to make a landing page easier.

Pre-trained and upskilled professionals

Our virtual assistants come ready to tackle tasks with pre-training and continuous upskilling, ensuring you get top-notch expertise for your projects.

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Choose from the US based on Indian VAs

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With Wishup, you will get a dedicated Account Manager ready to assist at any time. This will ensure a seamless experience and effective collaboration with your virtual assistant.

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Creating a stellar landing page on Mailchimp is a breeze with the help of this guide “How to make a landing page?” Navigate to the Landing Page section, choose or customize a template, add forms and call-to-action buttons, preview, and then hit publish. 

But why handle it alone? Consider outsourcing to a Wishup virtual assistant for expert design, optimization, and continuous monitoring. Now, you can benefit from the full potential of Mailchimp's features for impactful email marketing—track campaign segment lists, and integrate seamlessly with other tools. 

Ready to take your business to the next level? Schedule a free consultation or reach out to [email protected]. Let's elevate your marketing game together with the power of Mailchimp and a dedicated virtual assistant.

How to create a landing page in Mailchimp: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a landing page in Mailchimp?

Yes. Creating a landing page for Mailchimp is a straightforward process. You can design, customize, and publish landing pages to promote your products, grow your audience, or achieve specific goals.

Is Mailchimp good for landing pages?

Yes, Mailchimp is an excellent platform for creating landing pages. It provides a user-friendly landing page builder, allowing you to design and customize pages to suit your needs.

How do I create my landing page?

Creating a landing page with Mailchimp is easy:

  • Log in.
  • Go to "Landing Pages."
  • Choose or customize a template.
  • Add content and elements.
  • Preview your page.
  • Hit "Publish."

Now, your landing page is live!

How do I create a landing page to collect emails?

Creating a landing page to collect emails with Mailchimp is straightforward:

  • Log in to Mailchimp
  • Navigate to the "Landing Pages" section
  • Choose or customize a template tailored for collecting emails
  • Add a signup form content block to your page
  • Customize the form fields and design to your liking
  • Preview your page to ensure it looks appealing
  • Hit the "Publish" button