When you started your business, you used to wait for gigs and clients. Now with a decent clientele, you want to grow your business, but there is no time -as you have multiple tasks on-hand such as replying to emails, coordinating with vendors, planning marketing campaigns, and more. Small business owners have an unending list and no time to tick it off.

It’s time you considered hiring a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants are remote workers who can help with multiple tasks. Be it odd jobs (like booking a table at a restaurant) or repetitive daily, weekly or monthly tasks.


A virtual assistant can be a jack-of-all-trades, a general administrative assistant, or do specialized duties like bookkeeping, researching a specific topic, etc.

Small business founders have to be specific and well-aware before making a hiring decision. Hence, we have packed all the frequently asked questions like - why hire a virtual assistant, where to find one, what are the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, and more - in one place.

Why should you hire a Virtual Assistant?

You may ask why I should hire a virtual assistant when I can reserve a table, reply to emails, and practically do everything on my own. Here’s why.

  • Your clients are slipping away because you reply late: Losing clients is never a choice for growing companies. On top of that, losing business due to overflowing mail should not be the case for founders who want to scale fast. A virtual assistant can manage your inbox and ensure timely replies to clients.
  • You have to stretch your working hours: Not once or twice a month; if you are working for long hours quite often, it is time to hire a virtual assistant. You have to work for long hours when a complicated decision needs to be made, a project with a short deadline, or many pending recurring tasks. The first two reasons for working long hours are acceptable, but you can avoid the last one by delegating routine tasks.
  • You feel burned out: It is high time to hire a virtual assistant if you have excessive work on your plate. Burnout can lead to depression or feelings of anxiety. Eventually, it will affect your business, and there could be irreversible damage. One in three small business owners lives with depression in the US. So make sure you stay away from burnout.
  • Low-value tasks take most of your time: You know your organization best. Hence, you can add value to your business in a way no one can. For example, you can delegate low-value or odd tasks like scheduling meetings and managing the calendar to a virtual assistant.
  • You are not able to focus on growth: Recurring tasks can distract you from focusing on critical decisions. For example, tracking the attendance and reports of each employee or managing payroll can take hours and keep you from focusing on growth. It is good to hire a virtual assistant for them.

Why hire a Virtual Assistant to manage your To-Do lists

Every small business owner faces this challenge - a long to-do list and no time. The problem is startup founders cannot even avoid the to-do list because that’s what the business is all about. Enters a virtual assistant who can significantly benefit your business. Let’s see how.

  • Virtual Assistants know about various to-do list organization tools: from Todoist to Microsoft To-Do and Google Tasks - virtual assistants are well-versed with different organization tools. Imagine how much time and effort you have to put in to learn a new tool. Save them to focus on more valuable tasks and decisions.
  • Virtual assistants can help you prioritize: Virtual assistants can shortlist the crucial tasks for you to prioritize better. You can grow your business faster if you crack the prioritization game.
  • Virtual assistants can send reminders: Given their busy schedules, it is usual for small business owners to forget something important. Sometimes forgetting the smallest things may lead to losing a client or a great deal. Virtual assistants can send you notifications about tasks that need your immediate attention. For instance, VAs can remind you to attend an urgent client call or an educational workshop. It is helpful because now you do not have to remember many things!
  • Hiring a virtual assistant will leave you more time for core business tasks: You can delegate all the tasks that do not require your intervention to your virtual assistant, leaving more scope for other, more value-add tasks.
  • Virtual Assistants can manage various things: Calendar management, inbox management, social media management, scheduling appointments, noting down minutes of meetings, etc., are all virtual assistant tasks. So a virtual assistant won’t just organize a to-do list; they will simultaneously do all these tasks.
  • A Virtual Assistant can be your full-time team member before you can afford one: Tight budgets are a constant for small businesses and startups. Considering the global inflation and downsizing, hiring professionals for a high salary does not make sense. But that does not mean you have to do everything on your own. You can work with a virtual assistant until you cannot afford a full-time in-house hire. You can save up to 78% in operating costs with a virtual assistant.

In-person Assistant or Virtual Assistant - What is Better?

Small business owners have to choose before hiring talent carefully. Finances are limited in a growing business; hence entrepreneurs want to work with someone who can genuinely add value to the company.

The question of who is better, an in-person or a virtual assistant, is valid in this case. However, both offer different services, so it mainly depends on the work you want to hire help for. These points can help you.

  • Check the type of work: If your business requires handling goods or large shipment packages, you need an in-office assistant. On the other hand, if you have an eCommerce business, hiring a virtual assistant makes more sense for tasks like sorting inventory, handling websites, etc.  
  • Your communication preference: A virtual assistant will work if you feel completely at ease communicating online via email, text, Slack, and a weekly phone or video call. You might struggle to manage a virtual assistant if you think you function best when speaking to people in person.
  • Cost of talent acquisition: Money is central for a business in its developmental stage. An in-person assistant requires a travel allowance and would need basic office furniture, a device, and utilities to operate. In comparison, a virtual assistant saves you all these costs. So you need to figure out your hiring requirements keeping that in mind.
  • Availability of the assistant: You may not easily find the talent with your required skill set in your area. There can be budget constraints even when you find someone on short notice. Seeking virtual assistance can be your saving grace if you want to hire immediately.


Where can you find a virtual assistant?

Now, you can easily decide whether you want to hire a virtual assistant or not. Knowing the tasks, they can do for you, you likely want to work with a virtual assistant. The next step is to find a suitable virtual assistant. Finding, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding a virtual assistant is a detailed process. But you can start with the following suggestions.

  • Use your network

Trying the existing network to get an assistant works for many recruiters. You can post a job on LinkedIn, use Facebook groups, or even look for candidates you think fit the bill based on the required skills. In addition, you can ask for referrals from fellow entrepreneurs or ex-colleagues.

People can send you higher-quality referrals if you are more specific. So include your work expectations with your virtual assistant and the nature of your business. Also, know that this hiring process generally takes time.

Quick Tip: You must have a decent number of followers or acquaintances who can give you referrals to ensure this works. Otherwise, hiring a virtual assistant through your network may take longer.

  • Virtual assistant services

There are online virtual assistant companies that can provide you with VA services. That means you do not have to find a virtual assistant from scratch. Simply connect with a virtual assistant company, share the tasks or skills you need help with, and hire a virtual assistant. Organizations like Wishup have made hiring virtual assistants that easy!

Quick Tip: This is a high-time and cost saver option. You can go for VA companies if you want to hire a virtual assistant immediately.

  • Check with freelancers

Freelancers are independent contractors who decide their working hours and payments. The quotes are based on per hour or project. Contractors can pitch you their work through freelance marketplaces. People will reply with their information and rates in response to your job post. You may find many qualified freelancers, but going through every profile and shortlisting suitable ones may take a lot of time.

Quick Tip: There is a possibility that you may not even find a freelancer with the desired skill set in your budget. Plus, there is no standard fixed for pricing, so this can cost you more.

What will you pay for a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants charge based on work experience, advanced skill set, etc. Charges also vary depending on the industry because it affects virtual assistants’ responsibilities. For instance, a virtual assistant for data reporting & analysis charges more than a virtual administrative assistant.

There are better options. You can find your perfect fit as a virtual assistant with Wishup at $1800/month. But pricing is just one aspect when considering a virtual assistant from Wishup.

Why should you choose Wishup?

Out of multiple virtual assistant companies that offer virtual assistant services, Wishup stands out from the rest because of these factors.

  • You choose from the top 1% of talent: Wishup selects only the top 1% as virtual assistants out of all the applicants. It means you are assured that you work with top-grade talent.
  • Prepare to onboard a dedicated team member: Our dedicated virtual assistants work with you as team members. That’s the difference between Wishup virtual assistants and other VAs - they go a notch higher to provide the best support to clients.
  • You can enjoy a risk-free trial: A risk-free trial period with a 15-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked, is a significant upside of hiring from Wishup. Virtual assistant companies generally focus on selling their services, but we keep our clients above all.
  • Get instant replacement: It does not stop at a risk-free trial. You can ask for a replacement if you want to upgrade your virtual assistant. We will be happy to do that.
  • Start delegating the tasks immediately: When you onboard an ordinary virtual assistant, you need to give them time to learn different tools and required skills. But our virtual assistants are trained in 70+ tasks and multiple tools like Asana, Trello, Monday.com, Mailchimp, Zoho CRM, Freshbooks, Wrike, Todoist, etc. So you can jump to the delegation directly when you hire our virtual assistants without wasting more time.
  • Wishup virtual assistants are ready for challenges: Growing a small business is a big challenge, but our virtual assistants are set to take all challenges to take your company to the next level. For example, you can hire a virtual assistant for real estate lead management, accounting, financial reporting, etc.
  • See our thriving client base, don’t just listen to us: Our work speaks for us. Our Client testimonials and 4.8 average service rating is proof of the excellent services we provide to 500+ business owners.
  • Enjoy easy onboarding: Who thought hiring a virtual assistant would be a few clicks away. But you can hire a virtual assistant with Wishup in 3 simple steps - set up a free consultation, list your business requirements, and meet your virtual assistant in less than 24 hours.
  • Save Time: Quick onboarding, pre-vetted, pre-interviewed virtual assistants can save you sufficient time to focus on the key business growth areas.

Tips for hiring a Virtual Assistant

  • Keep some job description samples ready: Having a job description prepared to post on different platforms can save you hours. In addition, you can copy-paste a set job description everywhere after making any required changes.
  • Have a list of tasks for an immediate joiner: You should have a list of a few tasks ready for a professional to begin immediately.
  • Go for virtual assistant trials: Always take advantage of free trial periods before you hire a virtual assistant. Some companies have a nominal amount to be paid for the trial period. You should go for a VA trial to examine if the professional fits your business.
  • Read recommendations & testimonials: Before you hire a virtual assistant, review their client testimonials and recommendations. This goes beyond just a background check because if a testimonial mentions the specialty of the professional, you can verify it by giving them a task related to their experience.
  • Check experience and skills: You can keep a small skill test, including questions specific to your business or industry. If you use any particular work tools, ensure that your virtual assistant is familiar with them.
  • Take time to weigh your options: Never hire a virtual assistant in a hurry just because you have a long list of pending tasks. Imagine the damage a wrong hire can cause to your business. In addition, they might add more pending tasks to your list. Hence, spend time on each step when you hire a virtual assistant.

“If you want to do a few small things right, do them yourself. If you want to do great things and make a big impact, learn to delegate.”

John C. Maxwell gives this mantra to success to every entrepreneur. Hiring a virtual assistant is an effective and intelligent way toward growth. They work like your virtual task manager, so you do not have to worry about every small thing. Instead, you can trust a virtual assistant to do them all, be it a long to-do list, a flight booking, or detail-oriented tasks. Please mail us at [email protected] or click here to set up a free consultation.

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