How to Integrate Gmail and Automate Email Notifications Using

Discover the step-by-step process to integrate Gmail for automated notifications within your workflows. Learn how to streamline communication and stay updated effortlessly.

Integrate Gmail and Automate Email Notifications Using
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Rated among the top work management platforms, offers over 200 integrations and apps to drive team collaboration and project management. Email integration is among them, allowing you to convert your emails into action items and align everyone in your team around important project communications.

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With email integration - such as connecting your Gmail account to the platform - your email notifications automatically go out to team members and keep everyone in the loop at all times.

In this post, we cover essential points on integrating your email client with and the best way to get started with the platform.

Benefits of Automating Email Notifications

Automation removes yet another task from a busy day but there's more to it than time savings. Here's a quick look at why you should consider automating sending important work emails to team members.

benefits of email automation

Real-time Updates

Email notifications are real-time updates on information that everyone must know to make informed decisions and take timely action, when necessary. They keep team members up to date on the latest developments affecting their work and projects. Project managers can more effortlessly track the progress of ongoing projects in real-time and no longer need to manage with once-in-a-while updates or time-consuming manual reporting.

Improved Communication

Communication is one of the keys to improving teamwork. It helps prevent misunderstandings, missed deadlines, and project failures. Good communication leads to effective decision-making, engaged team members, and successful projects. With, sharing updates within your team is easy. You can leave comments, tag team members, and have discussions within specific tasks or project boards.

Time Efficiency: Keep everyone updated

For a business, time is money. lets you set up notifications and reminders to automatically notify team members about upcoming deadlines, task assignments, or any changes made to tasks. The automation saves time by eliminating the need for manual reminders or follow-ups, ensures that everyone stays updated without constant manual intervention, and helps reduce stress.

Task Tracking

As you already know, task tracking prevents tasks from falling through the cracks and improves the promptness of deliverables. provides visual indicators to track the status and progress of tasks. You can define custom status columns and update task statuses as they progress. This enables a clear overview of each task's progress at any given time.


A high level of customization is possible with email integration. You can create custom templates for boards, groups, and tasks. You can design templates that fit your specific project or task requirements, including predefined columns, labels, and default settings. This saves time when setting up new projects or tasks by providing a preconfigured structure.

How to Send or Receive Emails with 

Gmail Integration integration


By connecting your Gmail account to, you can streamline communications and task management. Here are some key features of Gmail integration for

  • Email-to-board: You can create tasks or items directly from your Gmail inbox and have them automatically added to a specific board on Consequently, important emails convert into action items without leaving your inbox.
  • Attachment syncing: When you receive emails with attachments in Gmail, those files can be attached directly to relevant tasks and items.
  • Email notifications: You can set up to send notifications to your Gmail account whenever there are updates or changes to tasks, projects, or boards. This way, everyone can stay informed about important updates without needing to log into separately.
  • Two-way communication: With the integration, you can reply to comments or notes on tasks and items directly from your Gmail inbox. It allows you to collaborate and communicate with your team within the context of specific tasks without switching between platforms.
  • Syncing due dates: If you receive emails with due dates in Gmail, the integration allows you to automatically sync those due dates to the relevant tasks or items on You can capture important deadlines and manage them within the platform.
  • Contact syncing: The integration syncs contact information between Gmail and You have a centralized view of the relevant contact details associated with tasks or projects, saving you time and improving overall communication efficiency.

Outlook Integration integration


You can connect your account with your Outlook Calendar in two ways. One is through a two-way sync that simultaneously imports your Outlook Calendar events into and exports your items to your Outlook Calendar. The second way to integrate your board with Outlook Calendar is through a one-way sync that allows you to display the dates from your board directly on your calendar. Note that Outlook integration requires you to have a Microsoft 365 Business Premium license and a Microsoft online exchange box that's not on-premise.

Emails and Activities

Manage hundreds of customer relationships within

Source provides various email notifications ensuring you stay updated about essential activities and changes within the platform, even without having to log in. They include:

  • Inbox notifications alert team members when they are mentioned in an update or comment on a task, board, or project
  • For tasks or projects with due dates, can send reminder emails, helping you manage your deadlines
  • Summary emails or digests on task completion, updates, or new assignments
  • A task assigned or reassigned to a team member
  • A daily or weekly email agenda summarizing upcoming tasks, meetings, and deadlines.

Email to Board

Email to board on


A neat feature of email integration is the ability to send emails from your inbox straight to your boards in the form of new items or updates. You can connect your emails to your boards in three ways (1) send an email as a new item to your board, (2) send an email as an update to an existing item, and (3) set up a Gmail or Outlook inbox integration.

If is just what your team needs and you can't wait to start using it, you might want to consider getting help setting the platform up. A Virtual Assistant can give you a helping hand, saving you time and eliminating confusion on getting up and running. You'll have a smooth time from the moment you sign up for the platform and be able to leverage its features more efficiently than if you were to do it all on your own. Sure, you can figure the platform out by yourself, but having expert assistance will remove any problems you may encounter, and these are more common than imagined.

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help

When it comes to email integration, a VA can assist with the following:

Integration Setup offers a wide range of built-in integrations with popular apps. You will need to search for the integration you need or browse through the options. Once you select an integration, review the instructions and requirements for it. Follow the instructions to connect your account, which may involve authorizing access or entering credentials. Customize the integration settings, define the data to sync, triggers and actions, and select boards or columns. Then, save the settings and then test the integration by creating sample data or performing actions to ensure it works correctly. A Virtual Assistant can walk you through these steps to ensure speedy, friction-free integration.

Notification Customization

Onon-premise, customize your notification settings to control what notifications you receive and how you receive them. It allows you to receive relevant notifications without being overwhelmed by unnecessary updates. To get started, access your Account settings, review the available notification options, and customize your preferences for each category. Choose your preferred notification channels, such as in-app, email, desktop, or mobile push notifications. Set the frequency of notifications for each category and save your changes. Step-by-step assistance from a Virtual Assistant will keep you on the right track.

Task Tracking Assistance

A Virtual Assistant will help you with advice on everything you need to organize and prioritize tasks on You will more easily be able to customize your board by adding columns for different task aspects like status, assignee, due date, priority, and description. You can set about creating tasks by adding new items to your board, providing a title,On and filling in relevant details in the associated columns. Assign tasks to team members by selecting the assignee in the respective column. Set due dates to track deadlines and prioritize work. Use the "Status" column to indicate task progress, updating it as tasks move through different stages.

Troubleshooting Support

The Virtual Assistant you're assigned will be proficient in and therefore qualified to assist with troubleshooting the platform in case it's required. They will provide you with detailed, step-by-step instructions to troubleshoot the problem. This can include explaining settings or configurations, suggesting specific actions, or walking you through a troubleshooting process. They may be able to provide remote assistance by accessing your device or screen-sharing to diagnose and resolve the issue together. Upon your request, they may also share resources, including online knowledge bases, forums, and documentation, to help you find relevant troubleshooting steps or solutions for the specific issue you're facing.

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A dedicated Account Manager

You get an Account Manager, who has a strong understanding of the product or service they represent. They offer expert guidance, share best practices, and provide insights on maximizing the value of your investment. They can also suggest strategies, features, and upgrades to help you achieve your business objectives. From streamlined communication and time savings to reduced confusion, and consistent support, the benefits are many.

Instant replacement policy

While rare, if the VA assigned to you does not meet your expectations, we will provide an instant replacement. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we won't rest until you're paired with the perfect VA for you.

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Automated email notifications using keep team members and stakeholders updated on important project information, thereby improving communication, maintaining transparency around projects, and allowing for more focused work. Efficient integration and thoughtful customization make a big difference in determining the value you're able to extract from the platform.

A Virtual Assistant can play a pivotal role in helping automate email notifications using, across integration and task management. If you need a VA, choose Wishup for our stellar tech experts, 24-hour onboarding, instant replacement, and the ability to hire VAs based in India or the U.S., per your preference.

You can test the water rights away with a free consultation or drop a mail for more specifics before you proceed. Email Integration: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I integrate email on

You can use the built-in email integration feature, which allows you to create and update items on directly from your email. Go to the Integrations Center, open your account, and click on the board where you want to enable the email integration. Then, click on the 'Integrations' button located in the upper-right corner of the board. Get more information here.

Can you integrate into Gmail?

Yes, you can integrate with Gmail. It will help streamline your work process and boost productivity. Through this integration, you can effortlessly generate tasks, modify statuses, and synchronize data between the two platforms.

Does Monday Com have email automation?

Yes. You can automate email notifications using

Can Monday com be integrated with Outlook?

Certainly. But given how Outlook integrations can be a bit frustrating, we advise expert aid from a Wishup VA!