The Insider's Playbook to HubSpot Social Media Scheduling

In today’s digital world, social media is a cornerstone of impactful marketing strategies. However, developing , high-quality content across multiple platforms can pose a time-consuming challenge for organizations.

The Insider's Playbook to HubSpot Social Media Scheduling

In today’s digital world, social media is a cornerstone of impactful marketing strategies. However, developing consistent, high-quality content across multiple platforms can pose a time-consuming challenge for organizations. This is where leveraging a platform like HubSpot to schedule and manage social media posts can significantly enhance efficiency and streamline workflows.

This guide will showcase the remarkable benefits of HubSpot's social media scheduling capabilities for managers and marketers. By centralizing all networks into a single intuitive calendar, users can easily visualize and coordinate posting workflows well into the future. Robust analytics provide insights to optimize content timing and frequencies on each platform. Additional features like bulk uploads and team collaboration tools further increase productivity.


Whether one manages social media for a large enterprise or a small business, mastering HubSpot for scheduling can help take their strategy to the next level. The following comprehensive guide outlines best practices to configure tools, structure posting workflows between multiple contributors, tailor platform-specific content, glean actionable analytics, and apply them toward building a consistent, high-performing social presence that engages the audience.

The HubSpot Hooray: Reveling in the Social Media Scheduling Shenanigans!

Scheduling social media posts in HubSpot offers several advantages that can help boost your social media marketing efforts. This is how you are going to feel after using Hubspot for social media management:

hubspot social media scheduling

Time Efficiency

Scheduling content in advance saves much time compared to manually posting updates. One can plan updates weeks or months in advance in HubSpot and not worry about posting at odd hours. This ensures effective time utilization for high-level social media planning.

Extended Reach

Pre-scheduling tweets enables targeting key demographics during optimal engagement periods, even outside regular business hours. This allows brands to connect with broader, global consumer bases aligned to varied time zones and regional peak browsing times.

Consistency in Posting

A scheduling tool can help maintain a consistent posting schedule crucial for social media growth. HubSpot allows one to set a recurring post rhythm so the audience can expect regular updates. This establishes the brand presence across social media platforms.

Improved Audience Engagement

HubSpot uses past performance data to recommend the best posting times for each platform. Scheduling updates for the audience's most active days and times can result in better engagement through likes, comments, and shares.

Enhanced Analytics

HubSpot provides detailed analytics on the performance of one’s social media efforts over time. One can track impressions, engagement rate, clicks, follower growth, and more for each post. These insights can help refine the posting strategy.

Multi-Channel Management

One can schedule posts across social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter in HubSpot. This simplifies multi-channel social media management.

Decoding the Social Symphony: Pinpointing the Perfect Moments for Posts!

Attention to scheduling updates can make a significant difference in social media engagement. Here are some tips on determining the best times for posts:

  • Leverage HubSpot's "Best Time to Publish" tool provides customized recommendations based on the audience's activity patterns.
  • For Facebook, mid-week days (Tuesday-Thursday) in the afternoon work very well in most cases.
  • According to multiple studies on Instagram, early mornings and evenings tend to see higher engagement rates.
Post engagement
  • Twitter and LinkedIn activity is generally higher during weekdays through the daytime and work hours.
  • Always test different timing options and examine the key metrics in HubSpot, like clicks, impressions, and engagement rate, to identify optimal schedules.
  • Scheduling tools like HubSpot allow flexible rescheduling of posts quickly based on emerging trends and follower activity patterns.

Unveiling Excellence: Explore the Brilliance of Your Top Posts Report

HubSpot's "Top Posts" report is a valuable tool in social media analytics, ranking the highest-performing posts within a specified timeframe based on total interactions. Analyzing these top posts provides key insights into the content that resonates most with one’s audience.

hubspot social media interactions

This information acts as a catalyst in planning and scheduling future updates. By understanding what works well in terms of topics and formats, one can refine their social media strategy to deliver content that engages the audience effectively and consistently.

In essence, the "Top Posts" report serves as a strategic guide, allowing one to make informed decisions about content creation. It transforms the process from guesswork to well-informed art, helping tailor the updates to align with the audience's preferences and building a new era of data-driven content creation, where success is shaped by the insights from HubSpot's social media analytics.

Social Alchemy: Unleash the Magic of Analyzing and Filtering Your Published Posts

One can view all published posts from their social networks in HubSpot and evaluate performance metrics like clicks and shares. From examining overall performance in the published posts table to conducting a side-by-side comparison of specific posts, HubSpot provides a comprehensive view of the social media success metrics.

Filtering Published Social Posts

  • Go to Marketing > Social.
  • Choose and implement the filters based on the following criteria:
    • Accounts: Filter by the social accounts associated with the posts.
    • Published from: Filter by the publishing location of the posts:
      • Anywhere: Displays posts published from both HubSpot and directly from the social accounts.
      • This HubSpot account: Shows posts exclusively published from within HubSpot.
      • External source: Reveals posts exclusively published directly within the social accounts.
  • Date range: Filter by the specific date range during which the posts were published.
  • Campaign: Filter by the associated campaign of the social posts.
  • Created by: Filter by a specific user who originally published a post.

Customizing Published Social Posts

  • Within the HubSpot account, go to Marketing > Social.
  • Click on "Manage columns" positioned above the table.
  • Explore properties” on the left in the dialog box by searching or browsing.
  • To include a property as a selected column, mark the checkbox next to the property.
  • To eliminate columns, click the 'X' adjacent to the property in the Selected Columns section.
  • For reordering columns, effortlessly drag and drop properties in the Selected Columns section.
  • Once completed, click "Save."
  • Click on the column header to arrange the posts based on a specific metric.

Metrics Available

hubspot social media metrics
  • Clicks: Number of clicks on a post published through HubSpot.
  • Clicks (Network): Clicks on network-published posts for various elements (e.g., profile picture, account name).
  • Interactions: Likes, reactions, and comments for the post.
  • Shares: Instances of post sharing, including retweets from a connected Twitter account.
  • Impressions: Number of times the post was viewed.
  • Created by: User responsible for developing and publishing the post
  • Campaign: Associated HubSpot campaign.
  • Media type: In the post, such as a photo or video.
  • Video views: Number of views received by a video in the post.
  • Published from: Publish the location of the post, either from HubSpot or externally.

Comparing the Performance of the Published Posts:

  • In the HubSpot account, go to Marketing > Social.
  • In the top right, click "Compare social post."
  • Utilize the Post dropdown menu to search for and select a post for analysis.
  • Add a post to compare side-by-side with the initial two posts by clicking "Add post." You can compare up to ten social posts simultaneously.

Crafting Your Digital Symphony: Designing a Tailored Social Publishing Schedule in the HubSpot Universe

Follow these steps to create a custom long-term social posting schedule in HubSpot:

Creating a social media post
  • Go to “Content” > ”Create” and select “Social Publishing.”
  • Choose the social accounts for which one want to schedule posts.
  • Enter the message, upload any images/videos, and insert links.
  • Select the date and best time for publishing the update.
  • Choose the recurrence pattern for recurring posts – daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Configure the end date for recurrence so posts do not continue indefinitely.
  • Optional: Assign campaigns, tags, and other labels for tracking.
  • Preview how the posts will appear on different platforms.
  • Finally, submit the scheduled updates to the Content Calendar.

The posts will now get automatically published on the scheduled dates and times without manual intervention.

Unlocking Efficiency: The Compelling Case for Delegating Social Media Mastery to a Virtual Assistant

While DIY social media marketing may seem economical initially, consider delegating it to a skilled virtual assistant for optimal outcomes. Here are some compelling reasons:

Expertise in Social Media Strategy

Outsourcing to a qualified virtual assistant agency like Wishup implies getting access to specialists with proven expertise in creating data-driven social media strategies tailored to one’s objectives. This can amplify the social media ROI.

Content Creation

High-quality, engaging social media content is vital for maintaining a vibrant community around the brand on social platforms. Outsourced content creators can bring out compelling posts consistently without draining internal bandwidth.

Posting Consistency

Maintaining a disciplined social media posting schedule takes a lot of effort and oversight. Virtual assistants establish workflows and systems to ensure content goes out consistently, leading to sustainable social media growth.

Audience Engagement

Driving meaningful engagement on social media requires responding to comments/queries, running contests/quizzes, localization, community building, etc. Outsourced community managers excel in such engagement-focused activities.

Analytics and Reporting

Tracking the performance of the social initiatives, spotting trends/insights, and planning based on data should not be overlooked. Dedicated reporting by VAs takes these key performance analytics off one’s plate.

Time Savings

All social media marketing activities can take up to several hours every week. Outsourcing helps save time, which can be redirected towards high-level branding, PR, and partnerships.

Customized Approach

Each brand has unique target audiences, messaging, aesthetics, and objectives. The Wishup team takes the time to thoroughly understand specific needs and tailors social strategies accordingly with expert planning.

Social media evolves swiftly with new platform features, algorithm changes, popular formats, and fan preferences. Wishup VAs stay updated on these trends to ensure the brand remains relevant and cutting-edge.

Crisis Management

In PR crisis scenarios like negative press or customer complaints on social media, outsourced moderators can respond maturely, diffuse tensions, and protect their reputations.


As the organization and follower base increase, the Wishup team scales up capacities and resources allocated to the account to manage the increasing workload seamlessly.

Focus on Core Business Tasks

When CEOs/Founders get burdened by tactical social media responsibilities, their bandwidth for critical functions like sales, product R&D, and partnerships reduces. Outsourcing enables founders to stay focused on key business priorities.

Your Virtual Guardian Angel Awaits on Wishup!

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wishup virtual assistants
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Implementing a disciplined social media scheduling process in HubSpot leads to enormous benefits like time savings, posting consistency, audience engagement, and actionable analytics. Planning updates during optimal timings and analyzing past top-performing content gives a further boost. 

Moreover, outsourcing social media execution to competent virtual assistants enables one to derive maximum ROI while focusing on strategic imperatives. With Wishup’s specialized support, one can effortlessly scale their social media marketing programs and win more customers digitally.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does HubSpot have a social media management tool?

Yes, HubSpot provides an integrated Social Media Management and Scheduling tool under its Content Hub module, allowing you to streamline multi-channel social media marketing at scale.

How do I create a social media calendar in HubSpot?

You can create a social media calendar in HubSpot by going to Content > Create > Social Publishing, choosing channels & dates to schedule posts, and submitting them to the Content Calendar with the desired publishing recurrence patterns.

Is the HubSpot social media tool free?

HubSpot offers basic social media publishing and analytics capabilities in its free CRM version. The paid Marketing Hub plans offer more advanced social media management features.

What is social media scheduling?

Social media scheduling refers to planning, creating, and timing your social media content ahead of time through calendar-based tools instead of posting updates manually.