Who would’ve thought that working remotely would become a trend? In all honesty, we did, when we began the Wishup journey. What is a buzzword now, has been our vision all those years ago.

Wishup was founded with the fundamental purpose of bridging the gap between businesses and their talent needs. We have now grown into a marketplace of top remote talent - with over 250+ remote employees that businesses can hire on a subscription basis.

Sure there are certain ups and downs of working from home and maintaining a remote workforce. But over the years, we have demonstrably proven that hiring remote talent works - just ask any of our clients!

We are thrilled to be recognized as one of the Top Virtual Assistant Service providers by Clutch and being on their 2021 leaders list. Clutch is a great platform for B2B ratings and reviews. They cut through disorganized market research by collecting client feedback and analyzing industry data, arming businesses with the insights and analysis they need to connect and tackle challenges with confidence.

Our founders Vivek Gupta and Neelesh Rangwani, whose vision has helped Wishup grow to where we are now, are honored for what we have achieved. “We are extremely grateful and humbled to have received this recognition from Clutch.”, they say.  

The recognition of our work only helps us drive this remote workforce revolution with greater enthusiasm. “The award would indeed help us merit our vision of enabling remote collaboration between entrepreneurs and global talent even further.”, the founders added.

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Check out our Clutch profile to read unbiased reviews conducted by Clutch analysts:

"If they don't know something, then they’ll learn it within days. Their drive is amazing." - Founder, Convia Media

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