Virtual Medical Assistant

Hire experienced medical assistants to free yourself from daily administrative and operational tasks so that you can focus on what matters – your patients. Our Virtual Medical Assistants can help you in growing your medical practice and integrate easily into it.

Get maximum skilled support for your medical practice and grow to new heights with Wishup’s Virtual Medical Assistants

Answer incoming patient queries

Your patients never have to be on long holds again and can get all their queries answered by qualified Virtual Medical Assistants.

Schedule appointments

Leave the scheduling of all your new and follow-up appointments to our virtual medical receptionists and assistants- no more scheduling conflicts.

Maintain patient records

Leave the patient registration and record keeping to the expert while you focus on providing quality care.

Liaise with insurance providers

Our virtual medical assistants can work with insurance providers on your behalf to verify and track patient eligibility and all associated claims.

Real-time charting at the point of care

Avoid delays in the data entry of patient information with real-time charting. As a result, improve the efficiency and productivity of your medical practice.

Manage and maintain EHR/EMR systems

Ensures that your crucial EHR/EMR systems appropriately store and track the patients seeking medical care from your practice or hospital. As a result, instantly access accurate patient details.

Electronic medical coding

Improve patient care with electronic medical coding for procedure and diagnosis codes. Easily track claims and call up records when needed.

Accounting and Billing

Our experienced virtual medical assistants can help you with better bookkeeping and handle all your billing so you don’t have to.

Handle prescription refills

Don’t spend time on day-to-day things such as prescription refills. Leave that to our virtual medical assistants who can do it proficiently for you.

Transcribe physician-patient audio interaction

While you focus on providing the best care for your patients, have your conversations with them expertly transcribed. Then, you can revisit the transcribed conversation whenever you need it.

General administrative tasks

You can hand over any and all daily administrative work to our virtual medical assistants and they can execute it for you without missing anything.

Wishup Exclusive Features when you hire a Virtual Medical Assistant

HIPAA Compliant

We are fully compliant with all HIPAA rules and regulations. Working with us ensures protection and securing all Protected Health Information.

Hassle-free Replacement

Easy and quick replacement of the Virtual Medical Assistant whenever needed, no questions asked, and with no loss in productivity.

Medical Support Experts

Hire qualified medical support experts that will help your practice grow. Every virtual medical assistant we provide goes through rigorous training.

3+ years of work experience

Every Wishup Virtual Medical Assistant has a minimum of 3 years of work experience, so you only get people who know what they are doing and require no additional training effort from you.

180+ hours of Medical Training

Wishup trains its virtual medical assistants for over 180+ hours so that they are proficient in every aspect of the role and get working with you immediately on deployment.

Wishup Ecosystem Support

Wishup gives you a dedicated Account Manager to manage the virtual medical assistants you hire from us. So get full accountability and work only with the best in the market.

Flexible pricing plans that work for your every need

Hire for 4 hours/day


Hire for 6 hours/day


Hire for 8 hours/day