40 Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Real estate virtual assistant is a business administrator who serves as your right-hand person. In-person or remotely, a real estate assistant provides wide range of business services. Lead generation, database administration, finance, and marketing, a professional & experienced VA can cover it all

40 Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Real estate is a cutthroat business that needs one to always be at the top of their game. Leading incredibly busy lives, realtors must juggle multiple roles while clocking in long hours. And pretty soon, things can (will) get overwhelming.

But the truth is, there really isn’t much gratification in the overly-glamourized life of “hustle”.

Successful businesses don’t need you to stretch yourself thin for the rest of your life.

If you’re a real estate agent who thinks 24 hours in a day aren’t enough to check all boxes on your to-do list, it’s time to hire a real estate virtual assistant.

Hire a VA to delegate daily tasks so you finally have the time to focus on growing your business. You will find that your virtual assistant can give you just the edge you need to thrive in a competitive market.


Why Should I Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

Real estate virtual assistants are skilled at performing a variety of tasks:

  • Creating and managing property listings
  • Coordinating transactions and deals
  • Scheduling meetings and appointments
  • Managing website
  • Email management
  • Calendar management
  • Verifying and collecting emails
  • Data entry
  • Primary and secondary research
  • Collecting customer feedback

From general administrative duties to more specialized tasks, a real estate VA can do it all. Let’s see how your business can benefit from the services of real estate virtual assistant.

Administrative Task Assistance

1. Email management

Tired of an unending list of unread mails in your inbox? As a busy entrepreneur, you definitely don’t have the time to separate the wheat from the chaff. So what do you do to avoid wasting time on emails? Hire a real estate virtual assistant to filter your email and keep your inbox clean at all times.

2. Calendar management

Maintaining a calendar is important to make sure things are on track. But it’s definitely not an area that needs active management on your part. Hire a real estate virtual assistant to track tasks, meetings, and other commitments for you.

3. Daily paperwork

The truth about real estate is that it comes with a lot of papers. The various agreements, documents, and contracts can bury you under enough paperwork to not leave any time for the important stuff. Having a VA handle the paperwork is time saved that you can spend on actually growing your business.

4. Efficient office work

Managing an office space is no mean feat. There are bills to be paid, payrolls to be managed, and various sundry tasks to be taken care of. These can take up a lot of your time that can be better put to use on client meetings or open houses. Once you give the necessary instructions to your real estate virtual assistant, they will get to work and manage things on their own, leaving you with enough time to convert those open houses into big cheques.

5. Update CRM

Every realtor knows the importance of maintaining their CRM to track leads and manage pipelines. To make sure prospects stay engaged and sales opportunities don’t fall through the cracks, delegate the task to a virtual assistant. Trained real estate virtual assistants know just how to maintain a CRM platform,  saving you a lot of headache.

6. Research

To keep up with the latest market trends, you need to spend some time doing your homework. Hire a real estate virtual assistant to help you out with this tedious but important task. After all, a busy schedule is no excuse to not be in the know of your industry. And a VA’s research skills don’t stop at industry analysis. They can also help you conduct initial research to prepare dossiers and marketing collateral for your properties.

7. Competitor analysis

Keeping an eye out for what your competitors are doing gives you the edge you need to pull ahead. And this is possible only through proper market research and evaluating customer needs. Real estate VAs can conduct market research and give you the information that can be the difference between a sale and a loss.

8. Industry research

No matter which industry you are a part of, keeping up with market trends is important for running a stable business. But spending hours on the internet conducting industry research is not your job. Let your VA give you a distilled summary of their research so you get all you need to know, but without the effort.

Grow Your Business

9. Invest in yourself

When you run a real estate business, it can be easy to fall into the temptation of doing it all by yourself – chase prospects, manage paperwork, close deals, all the while balancing it with personal life. But this isn’t a sustainable way to run things.

The time you spend on handling mundane paperwork is lost time you’re never getting back. When you hire a real estate virtual assistant, you’re essentially investing in yourself. Get a VA to handle crucial business tasks to leave you with more time for growing your business.

10. Increase sales conversion

Lead generation is an important function of real estate. But your business’ success depends on actual conversions. And when you have a new lead, speed is crucial. According to NAR research, 74% of real estate transactions close with the very first agent a seller speaks to!

So when you’ve spent time and money on lead generation, move quickly on hot leads. Hire a trained real estate virtual assistant to screen leads, follow-up with prospects and stick with them till they convert to paying customers.

11. Staffing on demand

When there’s a sudden peak in work (due to seasonal or other reasons), it’s tough to staff full-time resources quickly. But with VAs, you can quickly hire staff during peak seasons.

Free Time Up

12. Get more time

When you allow yourself to be swamped with mundane tasks not core to business growth, you’re wasting your time. Your time is better spent scaling your business, working on ideas, and generating more revenue. Hire a real estate virtual assistant to handle lower level tasks so you finally have the time to focus on the bigger picture.

13. Delegate like a pro

It’s so easy to get bogged down in admin work to the point where your actual business starts to suffer. Only when you’re able to delegate can you free time up for more meaningful tasks. As a business leader, you need to be great at the art of delegation. Allow your VA to take over your repetitive tasks and get the freedom to really focus on what you do best - building relationships, closing deals, and growing your business.

Online Marketing Assistance

14. Website maintenance

Having an updated and well-maintained website is a marketing essential in the 21st century. Your real estate virtual assistant is trained for the task and can help you present a professional image at all times.

15. Social media marketing

A healthy presence on social media is a must for your real estate business. Many customers will contact you with queries on social media. There also exist groups where people list their properties to sell/lease while potential customers are there to buy/rent. An extra pair of eyes will help you stay connected to your customers and build a solid social media presence.

16. Customer feedback

Maintaining good customer relationships goes beyond replying to emails and messages on social media. Your real estate virtual assistant will proactively collect customer feedback on different channels, a task that would take up many days of your time. Your VA will also send out greeting cards and gifts to important clients and ask them for referrals and reviews.

17. Digital marketing strategy

A solid digital marketing strategy is indispensable in the modern world. And it’s true for a real estate business as well. Your customers must be constantly engaged with. Emails have to be sent on different lists about open houses, properties up for sale, developing properties and so on. Hire a real estate virtual assistant to plan successful digital marketing strategies. Your virtual assistant will also update your social media pages, create flyers, videos, etc.

Save Money

18. Reduce your fixed costs

When you hire full-time resources, there’s a sea of expenses that comes your way. From managing complex payrolls to collecting taxes, you end up spending a lot. But when you hire a real estate virtual assistant, you only pay by the hour or project. So your fixed costs in terms of salary and benefits are negligible. And if you ever feel the need to let go of them, the process isn’t half as complicated as letting go of an in-house employee.

19. Pay by the hour

A huge advantage of hiring a real estate virtual assistant is the payment model. Hire a VA for specific tasks that will be billed by the hour. Ultimately, this works out to be so much cheaper than hiring full time. Say goodbye to a fixed monthly salary and only pay for the hours you use.

20. No training burden

Find it hard to get a properly trained employee in your area? A great benefit of a real estate virtual assistant is that these professionals are trained and hold years of experience. Their underlying skills can be of immense value to your business, something you need to invest in.

21. No office expenses

When you hire a full-time employee, you have to provide for a physical space furnished with computers and office supplies. But with remote assistants, you don’t pay any office expenses. How cool is that!

22. No hiring costs

Hiring an employee involves a great deal of recruitment costs. But when you’ve got a global virtual assistant platform at your disposal, all you need to do is choose a qualified professional and begin work immediately!

Experience Higher Productivity

23. 24*7 communication

Your real estate VA is always available on call and mail. This means you can always be in touch with them, no matter where they (or you) are. When you can reach your VA at any time, you can communicate ideas faster and get work done quicker.

24. Get more work done

Say, you have an open house coming up. You’ll need to send out emails, design flyers, order food, promote the event online, to begin with. Sure, you could take it all on by yourself, but that’d eat so much of your time that your business would suffer. Delegate non-essential tasks to your virtual assistant and stop wasting time on paperwork and scheduling appointments every day. Get more work done with your real estate VA and start building your business.

25. Improve focus

Hire a real estate virtual assistant to review sales contracts, conduct property research, and prepare presentations and spreadsheets. While these activities happen in the background, take the opportunity to bring focus back to business growth – closing deals, meeting clients, and negotiating contracts.

26. Keep things organized

VAs hold many skills, chief among them the art of organization. Rely on your real estate virtual assistant to create filing systems, organizing documents, setting meeting reminders, paying bills et al.

Listings Management

27. Update listings

Listings are the only way people get to know about the availability of a property. A real estate virtual assistant can prepare and regularly update your listing presentations for potential clients.

28. Organize listings

Information about a property must be listed in an organized manner. Dossiers need to be maintained to help customers get a sense of the house, features, plan, etc. This also requires a verification of the papers submitted by the seller. Hire a real estate virtual assistant to handle these jobs while you schmooze the clients into buying the property.

29. Edit listings

A seller can have a variety of problems with his property listing. Maybe the valuation is a bit too high or a bit too low or the dimensions of a room are off the mark. You can’t waste time in editing the details by yourself. Your real estate virtual assistant will help you make corrections and edits. They will take care of the details on a listing so that only the right information goes out.

Customer Support

30. Handle customer queries

Customers definitely scare easy and they are full of queries. Why tie yourself down with answering every small detail about the property? Let your real estate virtual assistant handle the task. VAs hold excellent communication skills and can talk to your customers, resolve their queries, and keep them updated on listings.

31. Reply to emails

Let us face it. Nobody wants to get bogged down with replying to emails when there is bigger fish to fry. However, replying to emails and moreover maintaining lists is important. Hire a real estate virtual assistant to respond to customer mails while you tackle those big deals.

32. Prepare marketing collateral

The task of creating a new presentation every time you are pitching to potential clients is a daunting one. A real estate virtual assistant will create presentations and design brochures for your open house. This allows you to focus on other aspects of the event to make sure it’s a success.

33. Timely following up

From the time a lead indicates interest to conversion, there’s a chance you may lose them. During this period, potential clients need to be kept updated on changes and must be followed up with. A real estate VA will contact interested parties and keep you updated on the progress of a deal.

Travel Assistance

34. Plan your itinerary

Worried about booking the flight tickets when they are the cheapest? Tired of the prospect of shuffling through hundreds of hotels until you find the right one? You just need to instruct your real estate virtual assistant and they will create an itinerary for your travel.

35. Quick bookings

Can’t find the time to book a hotel for an important pitch in a different city? There’s no reason you have to take care of travel bookings by yourself. Hire a real estate virtual assistant and get it all done. From booking venues for meetings to conferences there is nothing that a VA won’t be able to do.

Improved Mental Health

36. Relieve stress

Time management is not just about squeezing in more hours of work each day, but also allocating time for relaxation. You certainly can’t build a successful business if you’re stressed all the time. Hire a real estate VA so you have time to focus on your mental health. Find time to do things you love, spend time with friends, and revitalize as you relieve stress.

37. Spend alone time

If you can’t remember the last time you spent some time alone in silence, it won’t be too long before your suffer a mental breakdown. Delegate daily tasks to your VA and find the time to spend some good old alone time.

Hire Experts Quickly

38. Hire fast

Hiring talent is no mean feat. But do you really have the time to spend months putting out newspaper ads and wait for the right person to magically appear at your doorstep? Quickly get the support you need with a real estate virtual assistant. Simply sign up on Wishup and find an abundance of talented VAs at your fingertips.

39. Global talent pool

While hiring locally may have made sense in the past, the internet has really upped the game. Don’t restrict yourself to a small pool of virtual assistants. Leverage the power of the web and access a global talent pool. Often, the best real estate virtual assistants come from a different time zone!

40.   Begin immediately

As a business owner, time is perhaps your most important resource. This means speed is key to growing. And in the real estate market, time is definitely money. With fierce competition, you just can’t afford to waste time. Waste no time in finding the right VA for your real estate business.

Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Right Away

Life as a busy real estate agent is demanding. It yanks you in a 100 different directions. It needs you to juggle multiple properties, clients, and prospecting. When it starts to feel overwhelming, know that you don’t need to do it all alone.


Real estate virtual assistants are trained to tackle recurring and time-consuming tasks that are nonetheless important to your business. Hire a qualified real estate virtual assistant for your business and bring the focus back to solidifying your business.