What we do

What can Wishup help you with?

Trained in over 50 tasks in-house, our Virtual Assistants are ready to assist you with business, executive, and personal tasks.

What doesn't Wishup do?

While we’d love to help you with tasks across the board, we have certain limitations at present. But we're constantly evolving to cover a broader range of services.
In-person tasks.
We work virtually but can schedule in-person services in some instances.
Target-oriented sales
We can help you with sales-allied functions like lead generation, online research, and customer follow up., We cannot, however, assist you with cold calling or target-oriented sales.
Core Legal, Accounting and HR
We can help you with allied tasks like paperwork, creating legal drafts, managing expense sheets, tax preparation, sourcing candidates, telephonic interviews. However, we do not cover technical legal, accounting, and HR functions.
Full time customer support
We can help you with various customer support functions, but not with inbound calls.
Payment on behalf of clients
We can help you find options, reserve places, and much more but the payment link is shared with you. We don't make payments on behalf of our clients.
Receptionist service
We are great at regular support roles, and ready to help you with varied personal and business tasks, but not with inbound calls.
Tailor made plans to suit every workload.
Starting at $8.44/hour
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