Virtual Assistant Pricing

1 week trial

USD 99 for 8 hrs

Mini Assistant

USD 359 per month for 30 hrs

Quarter Assistant

USD 499 per month for 45 hrs

Half Assistant

USD 899 per month for 90 hrs

Full Assistant

USD 1699 per month for 180 hrs
Need even more hours? No problem! Request a consultation and we will customize a plan that works for you


Trained and verified Assistants

Available on easy to use app interface

Available Monday-Friday 9am to 6pm (PST)


Get actionable insights from our team
  • Get quotes from vendors & service providers
  • Compare off-the-shelf products For business tasks
  • Find leads For business development/ hiring
  • Figure out processes to set up & register businesses
  • Conduct research For anciliary business requirements
  • Prepare research reports based on industry data
Make your day more productive
  • Set up meetings over phone & email
  • Provide reminders For meetings and to-do's
  • Update meeting schedules on calendar
  • Coordinate with attendees to ensure timely presence
  • Take appointments For meetings with clients
  • Following up with employees, vendors on schedule
Plan your business trip more effectively
  • Create end-to-end itineraries
  • Make travel tickets & boarding reservations
  • Remember preferences - seating, food, flights, hotels
  • Manage documentation - visa, passport
  • Handle changes to existing bookings
  • Find best offers to optimize travel expenditure
Wield the power of the internet with
  • Set up social media accounts For company
  • Handle queries & comments on company's pages
  • Schedule posts For Twitter, FB, Instagram
  • Repost on relevant social media groups
  • Follow relevant Twitter and Instagram accounts
  • Moderate comments on social media handles
Never let your bills go out of hand
  • Create and design expense sheets
  • Update expenses on timely basis
  • Collect and organize receipts
  • Create and send invoices to clients
  • File expense reports on platForms
  • Send weekly reports For expenses by category
Get actionable insights from your team
  • Organize and update contact list
  • Save and organize visiting cards
  • Create filters and rules For incoming mail
  • Draft follow up emails to clients/vendors
  • Clean up and organize emails in folders
  • Setup auto replies like in OOH
Organise all aspects of your life easily
  • Find content writers & designers
  • Arrange For a plumber / electrician
  • Appointment with doctors, salons etc.
  • Find a language translator
  • Find a home-based fitness trainer
  • Transcript calls into text

Have a recurring task? Just tell the task frequency & your VA will take care of it!

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